The Ones to Read- May 2018

Here is this months list of recommended reading – the best writing on women, gender, music and art taken from all over the internet.

During the month of May we have been blessed with new music from female fronted band  ‘CHVRCHES’,  Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape and sex abuse and the Irish referendum vote leaves women with the freedom that they deserved long ago.  This month holds many achievements we can celebrate, here are a few articles celebrating them:

Bjork’s First TV Performance In 8 Years Is Breathtaking

Shaad D’Souza, 23 May 2018

The Pop Goth Gospel Of CHVRCHES

Image result for chvrches

Sarah MacDonald, 22 May 2018

Irish Abortion Referendum: New laws by the end of the year

BBC news, 27 May 2018

Tracking the Gender Balance Of This Year’s Music Festival Lineups

Rob Mitchum and Diego Garcia-Olano, 1st May 2018

Harvey Weinstein Is Charged With Rape and Sex Abuse In Cases Involving 2 Women

Brynn Gingras, Sonia Moghe and Dakin Andone, 25 May

This UK jazz prodigy’s music video is a beautiful ode to single mothers

Image result for Mela Murder and her baby daughter, Emma-Jean Thackray's

Fankie Dunn, 22 May 2018

‘I’m not sorry I said it’ Erykah Badu on music, motherhood and wildly unpopular opinions

Lanre Bakare, 24 May 2018


Meeting Ireland’s new wave of pro-choice rebel music

Stephanie Costello, 22 May 2108Repeal

How mainstream pop music is finally embracing bisexuality

Annie Lord, 1  May 2018

‘I don’t call myself an intersectional feminist’: Slumflower on dating, race and self-love

Miranda Larbi, 8 May 2018

Why A Royal Megan Markle Matters

Afua Hirsch, 22 May 2018

Charlie XCX Responds to ‘Girls’ Criticism

Braudie Blais-Billie, 27 May 2018


Written by Emma Randall.

The Ones to Read: March 2018

Here is this month’s Girls Against reading list – the best writing on women, gender, music, and art from all over the internet.

The 8th of March saw International Women’s Day celebrating women all over the arts, media and public sphere. Why choose just one day? Let’s celebrate creative women every day.

And we’d love you to let us know what we’ve missed. What was your favourite article, published in the last month, that discusses women and gender in music and the arts? Tweet us @girlsagainst and share what you’ve been reading!

  • Kim Deal: ‘Misogyny is the Backbone of the Music Industry’

Barbara Ellen, The Guardian, 3 March 2018


  • The male glance: How we fail to take women’s stories seriously

Lili Loofbourow, The Guardian, 6 March 2018


  • A different take on that viral sexual advice letter in the Guardian

Bertie Brandes, i-D, 8 March 2018


The Spice Girls


  • An appeal to the Spice Girls, from little girl of the ’90s, to actually go through with the reunion

Helen Meriel Thomas, NME, 8 March 2018


  • Little Simz: Terms and Conditions

Yomi Adegoke, March 2018


  • 100 Easy Ways To Make Women’s Lives More Bearable

Dani Beckett, 8 March 2018, Broadly


  • ‘I wouldn’t want this for anybody’s daughter’: Will #MeToo kill off the rock’n’roll groupie?

Thea de Gallier, 15 March, The Guardian


  • A Slightly Embarrassing Love for Jack Kerouac

Amanda Petruisch, 15 March, The New Yorker

Taylor Swift


  • The Dollars and Desperation Silencing #MeToo in Music

Andrea Domanick, 15 March, Noisey


  • We Shouldn’t Ask Art to be Emblematic of the #MeToo Movement

Hazel Cills, 18 March, Jezebel


  • Two directions: Why Harry Styles’ new song is a breakthrough for bisexual music fans

Owen Myers, 22 March 2018, The Guardian


  • Why Does Music Sound Better When I’m Ovulating?

Daisy Jones, 29 March 2018, Noisey


Kate Nash


  • The Second Coming of Kate Nash

Lisa Wright, 29 March 2018, DIY


  • Rae Morris review, Heaven – This ray of  light deserves more recognition

Alexandra Pollard, 29 March 2018, The Telegraph

Rae Morris


Written by Ellen Peirson-Hagger (@ellen_cph on Twitter).

The Ones to Read: February 2018

Here is this month’s list of recommended reading – the best writing on women, gender, music, and art from all over the internet.

Compared to January, where big headlines and the #MeToo movement abounded, there have been fewer big news-based stories concerning gender rights in the entertainment industries. Instead, some of the most exciting writing comes in the form of interviews with artists whose next albums we eagerly await, including Janelle Monáe and Courtney Barnett, and reviews of other cultural releases, such as journalist Dolly Alderton’s memoir Everything I Know About Love, food writer Ruby Tandoh’s glorious ode to eating for happiness, Eat Up!, and the Greta Gerwig-directed and Oscar-nominated film Lady Bird.

The last few days have seen some wonderful news, though: 45 international festivals have committed to having a 50/50 gender balance on their line-ups by 2022. Here’s hoping.


  • Everything I Know About Love is a shockingly intimate memoir from former sex columnist Dolly Alderton

Julie Burchill, New Statesman, 13 February 2018


  • Courtney Barnett Talks About Taking on Misogyny and Self-Doubt With Her New Album 

Devon Maloney, Pitchfork, 15 February 2018


  • The Grammys Need to Accept That They Have a Woman Problem

Lauren O’Neill, Noisey, 16 February 2018


  • I’m Not With Her: “We’re about camaraderie, not Hillary”

Emma John, Guardian, 18 February 2018


  • Rihanna Is 30 So Now I Want to Be 30 Too

Lauren O’Neill, Noisey, 21 February 2018


  • The revolution is here – and young women are leading the change

Leonie Cooper, NME, 23 February 2018


  • Janelle Monáe Steps Into Her Bisexual Lighting

Sasha Geffen, Vulture, 23 February 2018

  • “Going viral taught me that scepticism is another schism between the sexes”

Moya Lothian-McLean, 23 Feb

ruary, Stylist


  • ‘Black Panther’ Was Great Because of Women, But Its Soundtrack Sidelined Them

Kristin Corry, Noisey, 23 February 2018


  • ‘The world is infested with evil!’ When Kathy Acker met the Spice Girls

Hayley Campbell and Kathy Acker, Guardian. 26 February 2018


  • BBC Proms among 45 festivals committing to 50/50 gender balance

Laura Harding, Independent, 26 February


  • ‘Lady Bird’ Shows That It’s Ok for Women to Be Hungry

Ruby Lott-Lavigna, Munchies, 26 February


And, finally, something to listen to:

  • Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories, with Ruby Tandoh


Written by Ellen Peirson-Hagger (@ellen_cph on Twitter).

The Ones To Read: January 2018

(TW: frequent mention of sexual assault, harassment).

From the Grammys to the #MeToo movement, and Vogue to Wireless, talk of sexism and sexual harassment continue to saturate media observations. Business and political leaders swan around at men-only parties where hostesses are assaulted, prominent media figures continue to be publicly and disgustingly sexist, and festival organisers still think it’s acceptable to announce line-ups with little to no non-male performers. Welcome to 2018.

But everyone is speaking out and listening up a little more than ever before, and particular corners of the internet are excelling as places to shut down sexism, give voices to those often marginalised, and become treasure chests full of feminist thought and solidarity.

Here’s a list of January’s best writing on music, the arts, sexism, and feminism:

  • Charli XCX’s ‘Pop 2’ Subverts Everything About Music for the Masses

Lauren O’Neill, Noisey, 4 January 2018


  • Paris Lees: What it feels like to be the first openly trans woman featured in British Vogue

Paris Lees, The i, 5 January 2018


  • Women Open Up About Wearing Black on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Erica Gonzales, Harpers Bazaar, 8 January 2018


  • Magic and Echoes: How Music Helps Me Write

Hermione Hoby, Catapult, 9 January 2018


  • A Definitive List of Sexist Things John Humphrys has Said

Media Mole, New Statesman, 12 January 2018


  • The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity

Jill Filipovic, The Guardian, 16 January 2018


  • From Blurred Lines to New Rules: how sex in pop has changed for ever

Laura Snapes, The Guardian, 18 January 2018


  • Lorde on the Historic 2018 Grammys, the #MeToo Movement & Loving Cardi B

Brooke Mazurek, Billboard, 19 January 2018


  • An Oprah candidacy is not the change we need.

Henna Shah, Gal Dem, 20 January 2018


  • Men Only: Inside the charity fundraiser where hostesses are put on show.

Madison Marriage, The Financial Times, 23 January 2018


  • Seven women that should be on the Wireless lineup.

Kemi Alemoru and Selim Bulut, Dazed, 24 January 2018


  • After the suffragettes: how women stormed Westminster.

Helen Lewis, New Statesman, 25 January 2018


  • The 2018 Grammys Shut Women Out.

Lauren O’Neill, Noisey, 29 January 2018


  • Kesha’s cathartic performance was the purest Grammys moment ever.

Aimee Cliff, Dazed, 29 January 2018


  • We’re Not Done Here.

Laurie Penny, Long Reads, January 2018

Written by Ellen Peirson-Hagger (@ellen_cph on Twitter).