February Newsletter

Happy February!

Here at GA, we’ve had a busy month. You may feel that we say this every month but believe us, HQ is buzzing with new and exciting stuff that we’re working on for 2018 and beyond.


We’ve uploaded a load of new stuff on our blog last month. Alice has been working hard on the book club (more on that later), she also wrote a piece on a great Anteros show she went to. Our rep Conor reviewed Rae Morris’ album, ‘Someone Out There’ and gave it full praise. A beautiful piece of art is up on our blog by Edith Gervin featuring Ellie Roswell, Alana Haim, Dua Lipa and Becky Blomfield. Our rep Megan wrote a great piece on the importance of intersectional feminism and its relation to Rose McGowan’s transphobic comments. Our rep Ellen Peirson-Hagger wrote her monthly piece about what we should be reading this month. It includes really important articles from many different outlets and she gives us a great soundcloud link to the amazing Ruby Tandoh on Dolly Alderton’s podcast.



Meet Dream Nails new initiative. Their flyer explains it so well but we love it because it is empowering. We and they want girls to have a safe time but also more importantly, to have a good time. Their bandcamp link is here.

They’re amazing girls and deserve every bit of success. More information can be found on their twitter @yourdreamnails.


‘The Black female is assaulted in her tender years by all those common forces of nature at the same that that she is caught in the tripartite of crossfire of masculine prejudice, white illogical hate and Black lack of power.’


This month at the Girls Against Book Club we have been reading I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. This autobiography is heartbreaking and genuinely shocking. It’s hard to believe that the events of the first 17 years of Angelou’s life really took place and harrowing to hear her describe them first-hand. But the fact that this incredible woman has been through so much really just makes the things she achieved in this part of her life and later on even more incredible and admirable. The quote I’ve included above taken from the text summarizes the events of it in many ways. You can read more of my views on the book by scrolling down to read the full post.


During March we will be reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The novel follows the story of three Nigerian teenagers who, as they grow up, follow different paths, with one moving to America, one to London and the final remaining in Nigeria. I’d love it if you joined us in reading it and if you do be sure to join our GoodReads group (https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/230714-girls-against-book-club) to keep up to date and contribute to the discussion of this text! The next book club post discussing this novel will go up on Sunday 1st April.


We’re starting a film club! The club is in the works, a post about it will be up on our blog shortly. We hope this is something you can get involved in and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss your views on the films we choose each month. They will either all have female leads or LGBT leads and all themes in the films chosen will be relevant to our campaign (feminism, fighting homophobia, transphobia etc.) If you have any film suggestions, tweet us!

Thank you for your continued support, any questions send them to our suggestions/ask page on our blog! There is a newsletter email to if your enquiry is more newsletter focused! girlsagainstnewsletter@gmail.com

GA x

Contributors for February: Alice @aliceporterX, Dream Nails band @yourdreamnails

Editor: Ellen, @ellcharlotte


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January Newsletter: Hello 2018!

Welcome to 2018!

Girls Against have so many plans for this year and we can’t wait to reveal them all over the next few months. Over January we released some new playlists on our Spotify, including one filled with amazing WOC that we think deserve a spot on the Wireless line up. As well as a ‘RIOT GRRRRL’ themed playlist with artists like Girlpool and Pussy Riot. We hope you check those out and hope they’re inspiring, finding new amazing women to listen to is always a big aim of ours!

Our rep Meg wrote a lovely post on the blog as part of our ‘Everyday Heroes’ series, all about her mum. It’s really heartwarming and well worth a read. We also reached out on our twitter for Spoken word artists/poets for an exciting event we have planned. Thank you so much for all your recommendations, we’re so grateful as well as learning so much and finding so many new artists. We’ll keep everyone in mind and want you to keep in touch! Our rep Ellen wrote a piece on Halsey’s incredible speech at the Women’s March in NYC. It really was a powerful poem and the full thing can be found on her post, as well as her thoughts on it and what it meant to her. Find it here

Our favourites in Dream Wife released their self-titled album this month. Neive, our rep, did a great album review on the blog full of praise for their amazing album and we love it so much. The girls are going on tour in March so make sure you check them out. Read it here.  Also on the blog, our rep Emily, wrote a piece on the lack of female representation at Wireless. Here at GA, we were furious about the lack of RnB/Hip Hop acts that were women. 3 women across 3 stages were announced, none were headlining or that high up the bill. We know that it wasn’t the full line up but we are really expecting better from such a high profile festival. Represent women, we/they deserve it!

We’re also featured in Metal Hammer. Our rep Sophia spoke some great words and featured in their ‘Girls to the front’ article with many great metal artists. Our rep Ellen (Peirson-Hagger) wrote a list of essential reading about women in music/the arts, it’s a great list and can be read up on our blog right now.


During January the Girls Against Book Club has been reading ‘Women & Power: A Manifesto’ by Mary Beard. Beard is a classicist and in this book she traces the origins of misogyny to their ancient roots. The book is split up into two sections, each of them developed from lectures she has given. I thought this book provided a really unique discussion and I really enjoyed it; you can read more about my views on it by heading to the ‘Book Club’ section of our website. During February we will be reading ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’, the autobiography of Maya Angelou. I’d love it if you joined us in reading this, what I’m sure will be amazing and inspiring, book and be sure to join our GoodReads group for regular discussions and updates. 


Sophia has put together a playlist for January including Jorja Smith (a real favourite of ours at the moment), Dream Wife and Tonight Alive. Find it here.

Our rep Clarice has written 2 amazing album reviews for our newsletter this month.  Read them below. Both albums are well worth checking out.

Marmozets ‘Knowing What You Know’: ‘After a long four years since their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful’, Marmozets have finally released their second studio album ‘Knowing what you know’, and it was undoubtedly worth the wait. We are instantly struck with the opening track ‘Play’, giving the listener a stark reminder of the bands previous album and reaffirming that Marmozet’s are one of the most exhilarating and lively bands in the U.K. This is consistent through most of the album, with tracks like ‘Major System Error’ and ‘Suffocation’, which are rememberable for their immense energy and catchy lyrics. Alongside these explosive tracks, we are given softer songs like ‘Insomnia’ which complement Becca’s vocal range perfectly. The coexistence of softer and heavier tracks on the album illustrates a maturing band willing to take risks and who are continuing to defy the boundaries of a typical rock album. The unpredictability of the tracks could be viewed positively or negatively; never the less it is a well-constructed album that screams the unconventional and ambitious. This is an album which is emotionally captivating inside and out, whether you prefer the softer harmonics, the gritty angrier tracks, or both.’

Dream Wife:  Grungy and glamorous, Dream Wife’s self-titled album has really set off twenty-eighteen with a bang. The opening track ‘Lets make out’ is mixed with idyllic pop melodies and catchy rock riffs, which is consistently seen throughout the album in tracks like ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ and ‘F.U.U’. Whilst softer tracks like ‘Love without Reason’ shows that the band has the potential transcend from one spectrum to another, highlighting how unique and clean-cut they truly are. Behind the sweet harmonies and energetic roars, the second track on the album ‘Somebody’ vocalises paramount issues of sexism and rape culture. The lyrics ‘I am not my body, I am somebody’ emphasise empowerment and confidence throughout the album, enabling those who do not have the voice to be heard. This album is delicate, yet its gritty, loud lyrics and guitar riffs make this album boisterous, confident and infectiously replayable.


This month we want you to love My Big Mental Head. We had a chat with them and here is all you need to know.

‘We’re the creators of My Big Mental Head and our names are Hannah and Connie. We met through an apprenticeship course, we quickly became friends when we discovered we shared a love for music. We both work in the creative industry and recently completed our apprenticeships. We started our project, My Big Mental, on the 18th of January so it’s still early days. Our overall aim is to create a safe space for musicians and their fans to talk openly about mental health. We’ve received an incredible response so far and have alot planned for the near future. We’d like to reach out to anyone who suffers with mental health issues who needs support. We’d love to work with charities to help provide the best support we possibly can. Finally we’d like to reach out to musicians to get more people with a platform talking openly about mental health. Hopefully this will stop people from being afraid to talk about how they’re feeling. We hope that with the more awareness we raise, the more understanding we build, which will allow people like parents and teachers to support young people who are struggling’.

We love everything these girls stand for and really want them to get the exposure they deserve. Find them on twitter @mybigmentalhead.


Our rep Emma has written a wonderful piece about the Women’s March that happened this month.

‘The Women’s March held on January 20th, 2018 throughout cities across the world was a huge example of the progress and determination women from across the globe have shown throughout the year. With an array of colourful signs with powerful slogans, marchers were united with all their fellow sisters as they campaigned for equality and a fairer world in which we live. One year on from Donald Trump’s inauguration, the battle for the voice of the woman to be heard was evident in the streets of New York, Washington, Los Angeles and many sister rallies campaigning in London, Canada and Italy. 2017 was a tough year for many women all over the world who have been endlessly scrutinized for their claims of sexual assault whether it being in the work place in the public sphere or at home. However, when the #MeToo campaign was born these women who had been oppressed for so long were able to have a voice in order to speak out. Through the sisterhood and support of many, the women who had been shunned and disregarded have been given a platform to speak on through the ‘Times Up’ campaign created to stand up against sexual harassment. Originally founded in 2006, the campaign came to the surface again in response to the many claims against men in power, such as Harvey Weinstein who used his position to take advantage of many women. In 2017 a letter of solidarity was written to the Hollywood women involved in exposing allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The letter described the experiences of assault and sexual harassment among female farm workers, in doing this the campaign was able to encourage those women who had a high media platform to highlight the injustice and sexual misconduct that has been ongoing. Female solidarity was displayed at the Golden Globes where many women of high profile wore black and spoke out about sexual assault in order to highlight this important issue…’ 

The rest of this amazing piece will be up on our blog this week.


As always, thank you for your continued support. We have lots of exciting things to announce very soon and hope that you’ll continue to support us over the next year and beyond. Happy 2018!

GA x

Contributors for January: Alice (@aliceporterX), Sophia (@hurricane_phi), Emma Randall, Clarice Deakin.

Editor: Ellen (@ellcharlotte_)


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December Newsletter

Happy new year!

This edition of the newsletter will be a little shorter than usual but that is due to our amazing new website being created and we believe that should be your main focus this month. We want you to visit it if you ever have any questions, concerns or enquiries as these can now be dealt with much quicker and we hope this is a better way of contacting us! All our blog posts can now be seen on here too, under easy to find headings, as well as this newsletter and the book club. Speaking of the book club, Alice has written us a piece to introduce us to this months book. This issue also contains a music piece by our rep Sophia and some rep’s picks of who we should be listening to in 2018.  Our next issue, out in Feb but all about January, will be bigger and better (and also sent to your inboxes!).

Book Club

During December (and a little bit of January) the Girls Against Book Club have been reading Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. The novel is semi-autobiographical and tells the story of a girl growing up in a community of Christian missionaries who becomes isolated when she comes out as a lesbian. The blog post discussing the novel is going up this Sunday so keep an eye out for that to hear my thoughts on why the novel is so important and a must-read for everyone! I will also be releasing a list of books that the GA Book Club will be reading during the first 6 months of 2018 so keep an eye out for that too so you can give yourself time to read them if you need longer than a month or pick your favourite ones to invest in! – Alice Porter

What should we be listening to in 2018?

We asked our reps to tell us their top artists from 2017 and who we should be looking out for in 2018.

“I’d say I’m most excited for what Grimes is going to release this year, producing/engineering/writing/performing everything on her own has meant she’s kept everyone waiting since her last release Art Angels in 2015 which arguably inspired the wave of new alternative yet accessible pop which artists such as Charli XCX are now making. As someone who consistently pushes pop boundaries it’s exciting to see what she’ll release next!” – Iona Macwhirter-Harley 

“My top artist of 2017 would be Dua Lipa; she had a really incredible year with the release of her self titled debut album and her single ‘New Rules’, which is inarguably one of the biggest songs of last year. Distinctive and empowering, her music is saturated in confidence that’s more than just a little bit infectious; it’s hard to listen to her music without feeling powerful and motivated in my opinion and it’s because of this that I think 2017 was the year of Dua Lipa. In terms of 2018, I think Dream Wife are essentially destined to be on everyone’s radar, especially with the release of their debut album this month. Their music is so embracing of what it means to be a woman in this society and celebrates this completely and it’s so uplifting because of this! If the trio doesn’t take 2018 by storm, I’ll be really surprised.” – Neive Mccarthy

“Miley Cyrus was a huge inspiration for so many people throughout 2017. Along with a beautifully crafted new album ‘Younger Now’, they consistently spoke out for what they believed in. Women’s Rights, Trump, Sexuality, Gender and the Music Industry to name a few. Miley’s appearance at Ariana Grande’s benefit concert in Manchester was respectful, open and full of love. The Happy Hippie Foundation, which Miley has founded, aims to rally young people to “fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations” and never fails to make the world a better place whilst restoring faith in humanity” – Megan Ryder-Maki

“Top artist of 2017: Pvris. Their album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” was one of the best of 2017 and the activist work they do is inspiring, like giving away free gig tickets to fans who volunteered their time to LGBTQ charities. One for 2018: Pale Waves. The singles they’ve released so far have been beautiful and their album is going to make them massive!” – Shannon McGarrity

Our Spotify 

We’ve had few additions to our Spotify this month, hoping to appeal to a wide range of music tastes!

Our ‘Crossing Borders’ playlist – curated by international GA rep Sophia Farroukh.

This playlist focusses on non-english lyrics, crossing the borders of nations and genres. Find it here:
Crossing Borders

Here are Sophia’s thoughts on what to look out for this year:

We are excited that so much wonderful music is set to be coming out, music made by wonderful people! Tonight Alive are releasing their 4th studio album VERY VERY SOON. I feel like I’ve waiting for this for decades, even though Limitless came out less than two years ago… This is set to be the band’s most honest and emotionally intense record yet, and I am beyond excited. Personally, I find their music always grounds me, and always manages to be exactly what I need at that point in time. Welcome to the Underworld, friends…

Architects may or may not be releasing new stuff this year. My bet is on at least another new song, but an album is possibly on the horizon. Honestly, I’m still reeling from Doomsday, and am still surprised we seem to be getting new stuff from them any time soon. Not complaining though, I’ll take it all. It’s going to be immensely brilliant, by the way – I’ve not heard a single second of it, but I’m 100% sure anyway.

Other releases I’m looking forward to:
Entertainment – Waterparks
Knowing What You Know Now – Marmozets
Hold Onto Your Heart – The Xcerts
Could It Be Different? – The Spook School

– Sophia Simon-Bashall
Check out these playlists! 

Sophias Playlist

We have started a playlist for our #wcw / women creating waves spotlights – although not all of our chosen women are musicians. Those who are, however, can be found in this playlist.


In addition to this, we’re continuously working on a playlist which shows you most of the artists + bands we’ve worked with, been in contact with, or supported by. It’s a nice, condensed way for us to look and be reminded of what we’ve achieved, and also to serve as a mini-guide to some artists you can feel safe listening to. It’s a good place to discover new music – and not have to worry about who you’re supporting!

Friends of GA 

Thank you for your continued support. Bea recently put up a post detailing all we got up to last year and what to look forward to this year! You can read that here.


We’ll be back next month with a bumper issue! Thanks to our reps and the regular contributors.

love from GA xxx

Contributors for this issue: Alice (@aliceporterX), Sophia (@hurricane_phi), Neive (@neiveeee), Iona, Shannon (@shannondarko), Megan (@ixxmcmxl).

Editor: Ellen (@ellcharlotte_)


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GA Newsletter: November 2017

Welcome to November!

Getting colder and the albums are running out. However, with the lack of new music being released we do have some exciting news! This month, we took on some lovely new reps from across the country and welcomed them into our ranks. We were so pleased with their enthusiasm and hope they help take this campaign even further. Some of these gems have written new pieces for us in the newsletter this month so hopefully you all enjoy their writing as much as we do.

We’re hoping to bring this newsletter to your inboxes next month! Thank you to all the people that voted on our twitter poll and showed interest, we really hope that its something you can get on board with and are just as interested as we are in seeing if its successful. Its a big step for us.

We’ve also opened up our blog submissions for artwork and all your amazing writing. We’re open to pretty much everything to do with intersectional feminism, the music industry, sexual harassment etc. Things that are appropriate to our campaign really. We really love seeing what you’ve got to offer and appreciate everything you do send us.

Book Club

During the month of November, the Girls Against Book Club has been reading ‘Feminine Gospels’ by Carol Ann Duffy, a poetry collection that deals with female identity in various ways. In this month’s book club blog post i discussed some of my favourite poems from the collection, ‘Beautiful, ‘The Woman Who Shopped’, and ‘Loud’ and one of our new reps, Megan, contributed her thoughts on the collection too- scroll down to read more! During December we will be reading ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ by Jeanette Winterson, a semi-autobiographical novel about growing up as a lesbian within a religious family and community. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in reading and discussing be sure to pick up a copy; its a relatively short novel so there should be plenty of time to read it over the christmas period! Don’t forget to join our Good Reads page for regular updates and discussions.

Our Rep Favourites: 

To introduce our new reps to writing for us, we’ve done a small collaborative piece asking them to give us their top picks from this year in music from their favourite artists.

Rep: Ellen Peirson-Hagger

Artist: Laura Marling

Album: Semper Femina

Top Picks

‘The Valley’

‘Nothing, Not Nearly’

‘Wild Once’

Semper Femina is a meditation on what it is to be a woman, and to be friends with women. The album is romantic, touching and empowering. Best of all, Marling is no holds barred, her voice as its fullest on this sixth album, her calm and collected anger wonderful in its fury.

Rep: Neive McCarthy

Artist: Anteros

Album: Drunk EP

Top Picks

‘On The Moon’


The release of the ‘Drunk’ EP earlier this year showed that Anteros have a taste for stratospheric heights and are well on their way to getting there- it’s simultaneously explosive and melancholic but altogether guaranteed to get you dancing along with effortlessly cool front woman Laura Hayden all the way through.

Rep: Emma Randall

Artist: Amber Mark

Album: 3:33am EP

Amber Mark brings an uplifting tone of vibrance and colour to her new EP 3:33 am. Amber uses the song ‘loose my cool’ to express her feelings regarding the death of her mother and suggests that we ought to celebrate life rather than lamenting death. Amber Mark also explores her Buddhist upraising and the impact it’s had on her life, the EP is a beautiful collection of female empowerment and encourages those who have lost someone to express themselves in a way that stops them from bottling up emotions.


NME Album of the Year:

Our rep Neive writes beautifully about Lorde, and her winning NME album of the year 2017 for Melodrama…

‘As the year draws to a close, it can only mean one thing (other than Christmas)- the imminent release of NME’s album of the year. This month saw the announcement that Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ had won the accolade, followed by Wolf Alice’s ‘Visions of a Life’ in second place; 2017 really has been a stellar year for women in music. Lorde’s sophomore album chronicles an adventure in discovering yourself and in her own words,  “a record about being alone”. It’s completely self-embracing and intimate, with the introspective ‘Liability’, a raw, self analytical piano ballad, being one of the standout tracks. ‘Melodrama’ is an album which explores diversity so closely that the overall sound is incredibly eclectic but tied together by a distinct Lorde touch that makes it work so well; it soars to unheard of heights on the heartbroken yet anthemic ‘Green Light’, yet manages to contrast this with the lovestruck, magic-enthused ‘The Louvre’. Every song manages to discretely encapsulate a period in your life where uncertainty intertwines with reckless happiness, and that’s part of what makes it such a spectacularly important album. Releasing an album at 16 is no easy feat, and Lorde has mentioned that being a woman is the music industry is undeniably difficult. Still, she has managed to make the second album of all second albums- mature and introspective, but infectious to the point where you cannot help but dance. Most integrally, throughout her entire rise to success, Lorde has remained unwaveringly true to herself in the most unapologetic way possible: the way in which she has done things her own way is totally admirable  and perhaps could be attributed to why ‘Melodrama’ has been so successful. It’s an album that completely redefined the pop genre and riddled with those Lorde idiosyncrasies that have become so distinctive; ‘Melodrama’ is empowering, confessional and ambitious, and Lorde pulls this off magnificently to create an album that could not be anything other than album of the year’

–       Neive McCarthy



As you all (hopefully) know, we have an Instagram theme of Women Creating Waves. This is to celebrate all the incredible women that are doing something amazing either in the music industry or their own field. Our rep Megan chose her favourite from the past couple of months who has made the most impact on her.

‘In our new ‘Women Creating Waves’ (#wcw) Instagram theme, GA recently posted about Wolf Alice’s extremely talented Ellie Rowsell. As we mentioned in our post, “it’s always lovely to see strong women paving the way and being so iconic!” and Ellie is one of many who has proved to music lovers everywhere that “you are your own artist” (Ellie for NME, 2016). We believe artists from all walks of life should love and embrace that! Another example that Ellie never fails to impress the music scene was her casual invite on Twitter for “any gals” to play her guitar part in the wolf alice song ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ during a gig. Some thought she was joking, but on 11th November a fan called Freya joined the stage and absolutely smashed the song! You can see a clip on the band’s Instagram . We love recognising women who create waves in what they do, and Ellie is just one. We have mentioned the likes of Jessica Hopper, Lady GaGa and Ines Rau. Follow us on instagram @girls.against to keep up to date with such wonderful women who inspire us every day!’

–       Megan Ryder- Maki

Another of our reps, Iona, chose Cardi B (an icon), a post will be up about her soon for a wcw but for now, here is what she had to say.

‘The only female rapper to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in almost two decades, Cardi B brought us one of the most landmark moments of music in 2017. Gaining an accolade established rap megastars like Nicki Minaj couldn’t reach, Cardi surpassed any misconceptions about her past in stripping and reality TV as her track “Bodak Yellow” climbed the charts gradually after its first release in June 2017, reaching the top spot on the 25th of September. That’s not to say Cardi shies away from her past in exotic dancing in the slightest; self-proclaimed “stripper hoe”, Cardi is proud of the career that made her name and saved her from an abusive relationship. Her unapologetic expression of her sexualit, her unrelenting work ethic and the fact she didn’t rely at all on her famous boyfriend to make her name in the rap world (she is now engaged to Migos’ Offset), Cardi is a beacon of the reshaping image of what it means to be a woman in the music industry today. Formerly “Cardi B: stripper, Instagram personality, reality TV star, rapper”, ‘Bodak Yellow’ with its unforgettable hook and oozing personality cemented her identity as “Cardi B: rapper”. And this is just her debut.’

–       Iona Macwhirter- Harley



Our rep Sophia has curated our November playlist! This includes artists such as Sigrid, Black Honey and Sunflower Bean. Give us a follow on Spotify for our monthly playlists.

Thank you for reading!


The Girls Against team xxx


Contributors for November:

Alice @aliceporterX        Book Club

Sophia @hurricane_phi    Spotify

Ellen @ellen_cph     Music

Megan @ixxmcmxl     WCW

Neive @neiveeee     Lorde, Music

Iona                    Music

Emma                   Music

Ellen @ellcharlotte_           Editor and Coordinator




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GA Newsletter: October 2017

Hey everyone, welcome to our October newsletter! This month, we’ve grown as a team, taking on a few reps to help us with socials and stuff you’ll definitely see a more active Girls Against online (not just behind the scenes). All our links, socials and reps contact info for any questions you may have will be at the end of this post!

The #metoo campaign took over social media this month and we 100% fully support it. It is so incredibly brave and inspirational of all these people, not just women, to come forward and share their stories. It helped to expose the shocking behaviour of Harvey Weinstein and further helped other people come forward following his allegations. Many well known women gave their experiences and helped the media and the public really understand this apparently hidden situation. Everyone who tweeted spoke with such courage and its very important to say that we are absolutely here for everyone, if they  want to confide in us to tell us their stories or look for help.

Our rep Sophia has been busy with interviews this month, bands featured include The Regrettes, Idle Frets and Beyond Recall. All can be found on our tumblr. They’re all really in depth and interesting so check those out!

From Sophia:

‘The Regrettes supported SWMRS’ on the Europe + UK leg of the Farewell Drive North Tour. I followed the tour around the UK and had a great week watching these bands every night. I spoke to The Regrettes ahead of the London show – the biggest show of the tour, and my last one! They were very warm and welcoming, and answered my questions thoughtfully – even though they were on a very tight schedule! They were reflective and nuanced, particularly when discussing how women in music are talked about. I felt like they really embodied what we’re about as a campaign – both during the interview and on stage every night. They truly interacted with the crowd, Lydia coming into the pit most nights and getting various people to sing a line. They treated me like a peer, and I saw them be the same with so many fans after the shows every night.’

We started our ‘Women Creating Waves’ Instagram theme (#wcw)! This takes inspirational women, not just in music, and showcases how amazing they all are! If you have any thoughts of women we should be including over the next few weeks, send us an Instagram DM!


Our international rep Andrew has been even busier this month! He was featured on a great podcast by ChunkyGlasses. It can be found here: http://www.chunkyglasses.com/content/episode-318-girls-against-how-to-combat-sexual-harassment/assault-in-the-music-industry-and-beyond

The podcast discusses what we do, our book club and giving a wider view of sexual harassment in the music scene.

Book Club

During October, the Girls Against Book Club has been reading ‘The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic’ by Jessica Hopper. It’s a set of essays about various issues in and surrounding the music industry and I chose to read this for the book club to learn more about and amplify the voice of a woman’s experience in a largely male-dominated industry. In the book club blog post I talk about some of my favourite essays, including  ‘Emo: Where the Girls Aren’t’ and ‘Deconstructing Lana Del Rey’, and the reasons why I didn’t like some of the other essays as much. For the month of November, the book club will be reading Carol Ann Duffy’s collection of poetry ‘Feminine Gospels’ which I’m really looking forward to as this is the first time our book club has ventured out into reading poetry and I’d love it if you joined us in reading the text! If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on Jessica Hopper’s set of music criticism, the fourth book club blog post is up now. Don’t forget to join our GoodReads group by following this link- https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/230714-girls-against-book-club

This piece was written by our rep Alice Porter; Alice writes and picks the book club books so please get involved with that and send her suggestions for the following months book to her email.


So much good music has been released this month. Honestly, it’s been quite overwhelming. Especially as I’m still not over Architects’ ‘Doomsday’, which was my main pick from last month. My absolute favourite new song is ‘Temple’ by Tonight Alive – which was dropped with less than 24 hours warning. It’s safe to say that day I was…annoying. It’s a triumphant return, one which sees the band return to edgier, punkier sounds than their last album, Limitless. Thematically, it remains spiritual, but explores darker ideas than they dared approach previously. It’s a song that came at the right time, and one which hit hard – the upcoming album, Underworld, is undoubtedly going to be astounding. I already know it’s going to be honest to an uncomfortable degree, and that’s going to be the most freeing thing of all – for band and fans.

My next favourite is ‘Still Alive’ by The Spook School. A friend recently introduced me to this band, and as soon as I heard a couple of songs, I was hooked. This is their most recent release, and I love to play it on repeat. The standout line in the chorus – “fuck you I’m still alive” – is perfect to shout loud, over and over. Bad moods cannot persist when playing this song – that’s a fact.

There’s been so much this month though! We finally have a new Sleater Kinney song – mother Carrie answered my prayers! – and all proceeds
go to Planned Parenthood! Idle Frets – an interview with whom is up now – released a new single which is a smasher! Marmozets dropped another
banger! We have been very fortunate this month. Listen to all the best tunes in
this month’s playlist:


This Spotify playlist and piece was written by our rep Sophia Simon-Bashall.


Thank you so much for paying attention to us and following our campaign! Aforementioned, there will be a lot more action on our socials and we have SO many exciting things planned (that we can’t yet give away, even more reason to stay tuned).

Our tumblr submissions are open for your thoughts but also for pieces you would like to write for us! These include anything creative, writing, poetry or anything that you think might be relevant or that we’d like to hear! We always welcome constructive criticism and are always looking to improve. We recently opened up the search for new reps which we will be announcing week commencing the 13th so keep your eyes peeled if you’ve applied and hopefully you’ve been successful. Finally, thank you so much to everyone that did apply to rep for us. We really appreciate all the messages and all the reasons why you were interested in becoming a rep were so insightful.


The Girls Against team xxx

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GA Newsletter: September 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to September’s (and our first) issue of our newsletter! I’m hoping this will be the first of many and a really good way of letting you all know what we’ve been up to, and what drives us as a campaign.

We intend to bring you news and updates of our antics this month as well as band and artist recommendations and just other general stuff our reps would like to share with you. We really hope you find this useful, we hope it helps you keep up with what we’ve been doing and shows what we’ve been listening/reading/singing along to this month.


So, what have we been up to this month? I think the best way to start is the massive success of our Reading and Leeds main stage appearance! Our rep Isabella Ward successfully managed to make us stars by having our video shown on the big screens as well as having it introduced on stage by Huw Stevens (!!). We hope that people managed to catch a glimpse of this amazing thing for us, we were so proud that we got that opportunity and want to thank everyone involved!

Our poster appeared in Derby this month. Sitwell Tavern joined us in fighting sexual harassment and showing as a venue, they do not tolerate it.


Image courtesy of Sophie Arnold


Our Washington DC rep Andrew Koh got Mac Demarco to follow our Twitter account this month which is crazy but also really lovely to know that we have someone of a high profile supporting what we do.

There’s also an interview conducted by Andrew with the incredible Slowdive coming very soon – look out for that!


Image courtesey of Andrew Koh, Amanda Lee & Pamela Ayala


Our rep Ania Buksowicz got the amazing Nick Murphy to follow our campaign! Videos and pictures can be found on our socials, he seems very passionate about what we do and helping with the issues we’re trying to tackle – interview with him coming soon.


Exciting news! Wild and Kind Studio are hosting an exhibition to raise money for all the charities we support. It is happening on the 2-8th of October and
they are open from 10-4 every day so try and pop along if you can. Find them on instagram at @wildandkindstudio for all the deets and their address (based in Glasgow).

Book Club

This month for the Girls Against Book Club we have been reading ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She developed this essay after giving a TED Talk with the same title and both the text itself and the talk have received much acclaim. In this month’s Book Club we discuss how this
pocket-sized text works as a ‘beginners guide to feminism’ and its importance
in bringing the discussion surrounding feminism to the mainstream, whilst also
touching on its drawbacks because of the restricting nature of its length. We
have also announced October’s book, which is ‘The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic’ by Jessica Hopper. The title is pretty self-explanatory and we are hoping that reading this book will allow us to discuss feminism, the music industry and how they are linked in more depth. To read more about ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ head over to the book club post on the Girls Against blog and make sure to get your hands on a copy of Jessica Hopper’s collection of music criticism so you can take part in the book club during the month of October.

This piece was written by our rep Alice Porter; Alice writes and picks the book club books so please get involved with that and send her suggestions for the
following months book.


September tends to be a good month for new music – it’s ahead of autumn tours and it’s a time when people need cheering up. For me this month, the stand-out release has undoubtedly been Architects’ unexpected new track ‘Doomsday’. I could talk about this song forever, but I’ll try and keep this short. It’s a song about grief and one that captures that journey so eloquently, so honestly. Its brutal, it’s beautiful and it’s brilliant. I want to promote music made by women here, but that felt like a worthy exception. Please, please go and listen to it.

My other favourite is the new MUNA song, ‘In My Way’ – and it’s accompanying video, which is adorable and wonderful. It’s far more positive
than anything from the bands debut album, About U, which is always nice to
hear. It’s about the euphoria of falling in love and putting faith in a relationship and sonically feels like a perfect summer to autumn transition song.

Other grrrl fueled jams can be found here:

Spotify September

This Spotify playlist and piece was written by our rep Sophia Simon-Bashall.

A Word From The Founders

Hey everyone! We’ve had a busy summer with many festival appearances and collaborations with other campaigns, such as the Safer Spaces campaign coordinated by AIF.

As we transition into autumn, and with more and more gigs cropping up as gig season approaches, we want to push artists to talk much more openly about the topic and our campaign. A more hands-on approach collaboratively from venues and artists is what we’re seeking for towards the end of this year – as a campaign we have raised awareness if the issue, and now it’s time for an active effort to crack down on sexual assault at gigs.

As ever, our Twitter DMs are open for anyone who has fallen victim and needs support, or wants to ask any questions about our campaign, or even if anyone wishes to help us out in anyway or has any suggestions!

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved as a campaign thus far – this newsletter is an amazing way of showing people what we have been up to, and shows how as a campaign we are a collaborative force to be reckoned with!

Big love, Anna x

So that just about sums up our month, we’re so proud of the Reading and Leeds appearances and everything else our reps have managed to achieve! Catch us back in October!

Lots of love,

The founders and the reps x

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@hurricane_phi   Music

@iimmortals            Editor and

Anna @L0VESlCK          Founder