Welcome To Our New Website!

Hi everyone,
It’s been an incredible 2 and a bit years for GA, and we are celebrating the new year with a new website (cliché I know..)

2017 has been a particularly exciting year, starting with our work with Declan Mckenna in Jan as well as a feature on BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ programme about sexual assault in Feb. We worked with Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds for IWD in March, and spread our awareness with Dr Martens in April. We joined AIF’s safer space campaign in May – helping to spread the message against sexual assault to the major festivals, as well as being able to donate any money we had by June to other sexual assault charities such as My Body Back and EVAW. July saw our lovely rep Alice develop the Book Club – where we have been able to discuss a range of important issues whilst amplifying the voices of people whose values are in alignment with the campaign’s. Our posters hit the big screens at Reading & Leeds in August, and our rep Ellen started our incredible monthly newsletter in Sept. We promoted some of our reps in October and started our own #wcw (women creating waves) over on our instagram, celebrating inspiring women in the music industry. Our Washington DC rep Andrew made an appearance on Chunky Glasses’ podcast, AND we started to work closely with the wonderful band Dream Wife, who collaborated with us on their October tour. Anna was invited to WOWperth as a mentor young women about our campaign towards the end of the month, and we also opened up applications for new UK reps (a busy month!) November gave us exciting opportunities with building bridges with Spotify, as well as recruiting 30 new wonderful reps to help us in 2018. Now, as December is ending, we celebrate our new blue tick on twitter and have been counting down the year with our 25DaysOfGA challenges.

The website is the first step to a whirlwind of exciting plans for 2018, and we can’t thank you enough for sticking by us through these 2 years. This website will become our main point of contact, and we are aiming to improve our victim support facilities in the next few months. With help from our new reps, we are working to improve every area of GA’s aims ready for 2018.

Lots of love to you all. We are ready to start the new year with some big ideas and even more determination to make as big of a change as we can, and we hope you all join us in doing so.

GA x

Happy First Birthday To Us

Girls Against has changed my life. I realise this is a statement which has been slightly marred by the Soy Latte, aviator clad LA elite but please believe me when I say that Girls Against, truly and definitely has changed my life.

Not to sound too morbid or #fakedeep but this campaign has given my life a bit more purpose. I’m still doing exactly what I would be doing regardless if Girls Against existed or not. I’m still at uni doing the degree I wanted to before, still living in Scotland just now I have to answer a lot more emails, I get recognised a bit more and I don’t generally have to pay for gig tickets. Regardless of the fact that physically my life hasn’t changed much the purpose of it has. I used to say to my Mum that all I wanted to do was help people and change the world when she asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I know, I was an intense kid. Through Girls Against though I’m fulfilling those life long dreams. At 18 years old.

When I think about the influence Girls Against has for too long it sometimes makes me a bit dizzy and I kind of want to throw up. Which is why I don’t because I do not have time to clean up the whitey. From what started out as an idea on a group chat with people I’d met once in my life for about 3 hours has developed into an international ‘movement’ (i put movement into quotation marks because I’m afraid of taking myself too seriously). It’s a campaign with over 14 thousand followers and international press coverage. Fourteen thousand people. That number is too large for me to comprehend at 11 at night on a Thursday.

Because I do all the press for Girls Against I’ve been asked more times than I can remember if in the beginning I saw the campaign becoming what it has. Of course, my answer is no every time but I think because of the frequency that I get asked it this question has lost a bit of meaning.  However, now that I’m forcing myself to properly think about it I can definitely say no. We absolutely had no idea we would be in the position that we are now at the beginning. At Girls Against’s conception we were four teenagers who just had similar music tastes and considered ourselves feminists. In fact, that’s pretty much all I knew about Anni and Bea one year ago. As time went on, in fact within the first two days of Girls Against, our thoughts were usually something along the lines of ‘shit, this is getting a bit big’. We hit 500 followers, then 1000 followers, then 5000, then ten thousand etc etc. And not to sound too sappy – but at the same time completely sappy because it’s our first birthday – Anni, Anna and Bea are now my best friends in the world, the people I’d trust with anything and the people I know the best.

Girls Against has been the biggest learning curve I’ve ever been through. I think sometimes people forget that we are four teenage girls who juggle this campaign with school and uni work, home life and maintaining a social life. For anyone wondering as a result of Girls Against I now have some of the best time management skills of any 18 year old, just saying. This campaign is not an easy thing to do. There are days where we all slack and we all fall behind on the work required to keep this thing moving. Keeping this campaign running includes, answering 5 to 10 press emails a day, conducting my own emails to venues, security companies and other social campaigns, answering twitter notifications, answering 3-5 twitter DMs a day, keeping the blog updated, conducting interviews, managing merch orders, managing over 80 international Girls Against reps… and the list goes on. However, the fact that we get to help people every day and see the real life impact of what we are doing every day makes up for it. The fact that we get a few free gigs thrown in doesn’t hurt either. Also, having people recognise you at gigs is a bit weird and just reminds me I really need to get a new twitter @ but is sometimes quite fun.

I know I might seem like a bit of a wank for complaining about the amount of work required for the up keep of Girls Against because after all it is our campaign and although we didn’t know we would be where we are it could have been foreseeable. Believer me I am not complaining because Girls Against is so much fun and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I know I may seem like a broken record but I feel I really need to emphasise this.

I hope everyone who has interacted with Girls Against as a result of an assault or harassment at a gig has felt supported and has gotten what they were looking for from us. The victims are why we set up this campaign and you are the reason we are still going. Everything else is just add ons. I hope Girls Against has managed to be the person at the other end of the line ready to comfort you and set you on your way to moving on and processing your experience.

Right enough of the sappy shit on with the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS !

In celebration of our first birthday we’re putting out some exclusive merch. Up until now we’d simply been spreading the word through the medium of some super cute badges and that’s been great and all but it’s now time to move onto bigger and better things. Details of the different bundles available are below, this post should go live at 4 o,clock GMT and so the merch should go live exactly one hour later at 5PM GMT ! This should give you enough time to get yourself together and get your card out / ask your mum for money. We’ve tried to keep the costs as low as possible so that the most amount of people as possible are able to support Girls Against. Please when ordering your bundle or badges select THE CORRECT SHIPPING. This is very important because if you have not selected the correct shipping option for your product we will be unable to ship it to you until you have paid the correct amount. Don’t worry if you do, it can be easily solved but try your best not to mess it up thanks. Please expect your order to come within the next 28 days as we’re still waiting on a few shipments coming in. We will keep you up to date with your order via the email you provide when you place your order. We have very limited numbers so please get your order in quick as we do expect to sell out (hopefully, otherwise this is gonna be a bit awkardf…). As per usual UK and EU shipping is available – sorry America we’re working on it we swear x

Lots of love,

Hann from Girls Against 💜

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As a thank you to all of our amazing supporters and in celebration of our first birthday we’re finally releasing more merch ! This bundle includes our famous badges worn by the likes of Slaves, Baby Strange and The 1975, some of our new vinyl stickers that can go on your laptop or guitar our brand new Girls Against guitar pics and it all comes in the brand new birthday exclusive Girls Against tote bag! We have very limited orders on this bundle so make sure you get your order in fast ! We’ve tried to keep the price as fair as possible so it means that the most amount of people as possible have an opportunity to support the campaign. Please don’t worry if you were unable to get the bundle this time around as each individual product will be sold separately in the future and there are other products and bundles available today!

1 x Birthday exclusive tote bag.
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This bundle includes our staple 2 of our staple Girls Against badges, one of our vinyl Girls Against stickers and 2 of our exclusive birthday guitar pics.

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Every order includes two of our gorgeous logo pin badges! As seen on the likes of Slaves, Drenge, Hinds and Honeyblood, you can wear your pin to gigs as a sign of solidarity.

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Twitter Polls Results: Sexual Harassment/Assault at Gigs

Of the 743 who answered, 49% said they’d experienced sexual harassment/assault at a gig.


43% of 678 said they do not feel safe at gigs.


74% of 702 said they would not feel able to approach security if they were experiencing sexual harassment at a gig.


82% of 688 said they would not know what to do if they were being sexually harassed at a gig.


and finally, 68% of 658 said they felt like they had to limit their clothing choices to avoid harassment.



These polls were conducted at the beginning of this month, when we had considerably less followers. We will revisit these questions and more in the coming months. Please note: we do not condone victim blaming – among ourselves we have experienced varying forms of sexual harassment and assault, and find it deeply troubling/offensive when the blame is shifted on us. We merely asked the question regarding clothing because these sorts of attitudes are fed to us by a patriarchal society, and we are curious whether they actually affect our choices as women. Again, we recognise that all genders are assaulted and are the perpetrators of assault, however rape culture affects us all on varying levels – hence the differing relevance of each question to each gender.

Thank You.

I would like to start this blog post with a massive thank you to everyone who has shown support so far – it’s been really overwhelming! We have received such love from many parties, including some of our favourite bands. This has been really special as we have been shown just how much they care about their fans, and it really helps us believe that we are making a difference.

Since the campaign began less than a week ago, Peace, Swim Deep and Circa Waves have all spoken out on stage against groping at gigs. This is a fantastic start – the more we talk about it, the more likely we are to eradicate it. We receive countless stories on a daily basis about the ordeal many have experienced at gigs. I would like to give a personal thank you to all that have spoken out – we realise how difficult it is and commend your bravery. It’s not nice to relive those memories and we are really thankful that you’ve trusted us enough to let us know and in some cases, share to a wider audience.

We begin with a simple agenda – to raise awareness of the issue. The more aware everyone is of the problem, the more able we are to look out for fellow gig goers and keep each other safe. Me and the other girls are working towards contacting various bands, venues, security companies and promoters, in order to establish a solid safety plan should you find yourself in an unsafe situation. We know that many perpetrators have walked away from these gigs without punishment and that isn’t okay. Sexual harassment is a crime, and the punishments should be enforced.

We strive toward a world where we can attend gigs anxiety-free. No one should have their night ruined. Gigs are supposed to be a special place where a crowd share love and happiness – not where people are made to feel violated. Thank you again for all your love and support – together we are stronger. Our messages are always open in case you need to confide in someone – we will always be supportive and we will fight for you.

Big love –
Anni (member of Girls Against).