I’m a backing singer for a band that is playing a couple of festivals this year and feel so strongly about this campaign as a victim of sexual assault at a festival, is there anything I can do while at the festivals to help the campaign?? -Molly

Hi Molly,

The best thing you can do is raise awareness. Talk to artists, members of security, people who are working at the festival, people who are attending the festival about the issue of sexual assault at gigs and about what is being done to stop it! We would always say to look out for people who look uncomfortable in crowds too and check if they’re okay, if they are, they’ll still think it was a nice gesture that you asked and if they aren’t, you could help someone to get out of a bad situation, possibly one involving sexual assault within the crowds. Hope this helps, good luck with the festivals!

Hi, Since I feel so strongly i was looking to become an ambassador or rep or anything? But i saw that you werent recruiting so i was wondering when you would be as id love too? Thanks- Chantelle

Hi Chantelle! We haven’t got any plans to recruit more reps in the near future but keep an eye on our social media as when we do decide to take on more reps, we will post about it on there. Have a look at our reply to the previously asked question on this page about how to get involved with the campaign as doing some of the things we’ve suggested there will definitely mean you have a better chance of becoming a rep when do recruit!

Hi! I’ve been following this campaign for nearly 2 years since I heard Circa Waves shout you out at a gig. As it is something I feel strongly about, I was wondering if there is any way that I can become a rep or join the campaign? Thank you! -Megan Dyson

Hi Megan, thanks so much for showing an interest in the campaign! We’re not recruiting for reps at the moment but here’s 5 things you can do to support the campaign:

  1. HAND OUT FLYERS AND POSTERS! All of our PDFs can be found here stick them anywhere u can! (ask permission if you need to tho)
  2. TALK TO PEOPLE! Security? Bands? Venues? Have they heard of GA, do they know about sexual assault happening at gigs? If not… tell them! Any security companies that are unaware? Let us know
  3. DON’T BE A BYSTANDER! Let people know around you that you are looking out for them. Keep an eye out in the crowd, see if anyone feels uncomfortable or needs help & report it.
  4. WRITE FOR US! We’re always looking for blog contributions so feel free to email any potential ideas or submissions to girlsagainst@outlook.com
  5. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Any ideas on what we could be doing better? Ideas about how to progress as a campaign? Let us know. We are always excited to hear new ideas and perspectives on how to tackle sexual assault at gigs.

Hope this helps!

What can I do to help?

Help us have the discussion heard! We are currently working on having badges, posters and other forms of merchandise made so that everyone can show their support and intolerance of sexual harassment visually. We are trying to grab the attention of as many bands as possible, so feel free to contact anyone whose music you hold dearly. We don’t want to worry about seeing our favourite bands live anymore – we hope that gigs can be anxiety-free in the near future,

What should I do if I experience sexual harassment at a gig?

If you can inform security then please do, as they may then be able to deal with the perpetrator and contact the authorities. However, we realise that security can be guilty of just shrugging and expecting you to persevere (and this is something which we are trying our very best to change). Inform your friends or whoever you trust as they may be able to protect you, and if it will keep you safe we suggest you leave the crowd or move away from the person harassing you. We are working with bands, venues and security companies to arrange a solid safety plan should you experience this. We will keep you informed on any developments.

How do you plan on making a difference?

We are trying to establish a discussion between fans, bands, promoters, venues, security companies and any other relevant parties, so that everyone is aware that this is happening at gigs. We hope that if we all speak about the issue loudly and clearly, perpetrators realise that they are not welcome at gigs and we will not tolerate their behaviour. We hope that the issue can be taken more seriously, so that perpetrators are punished for their behaviour, while victims receive any support they need. Sexual harassment happens because of complex attitudes which are installed in our culture. This will be difficult to conquer and at the end of the day we are just five teenage girls, we can’t wave a wand and have it magically stop. We encourage suggestions on ways to solve the problem!

Why “Girls Against”? Do you only support women?

No, of course not! We are here for all victims of sexual harassment, regardless of gender. We realise that men can be victims, trans people can be victims, and anyone else of any gender identity/expression. We are here to support everyone who may need us! We also acknowledge that people of any gender will want to join the fight against sexual harassment and we are thankful for all of our supporters. We merely chose Girls Against because it’s catchy, there is alliteration in Girls

Why did you create the campaign?

We created the campaign after Hannah’s experience of sexual harassment at a Peace gig in Glasgow, September 2015. Members of Peace shared the story and begged that fans do not attend their gigs if they will engage in that sort of behaviour. Many others then began to share their experiences, forcing us to acknowledge how widespread the problem is – hence leaving us compelled to do something about it. Hannah found that confiding in a stranger gave her the courage to speak more openly about her experience so we created Girls Against to give other victims a safe space to speak out and aid their recovery.

Who are Girls Against?

Formed in 2015 by Hannah, Anna, Bea, Anni and Ava, it is now made up of three of the original founders, Hannah, Anna and Bea, as well as over 70 international representatives.