7 Songs You Shouldn’t Miss This Month

It’s easy to get lost in the many albums, EPs, singles, and videos released by top artists every month. However, digital streaming platforms are also filled with many artists who don’t have the type of fan base their mainstream counterparts do, but deserve a lot of attention. Of those emerging artists, female performers form a subset. Realistically, most people understand, or have an idea of how hard it is for female artists in the industry which is why every month we show support to 7 exceptional female singers we want the world to pay attention to.

The list this month features new videos and singles by: Shae Universe, Òlah Bliss, Donalee, Crystal Caines, Lauren Faith, Lorine Chia, and Alus.

Òlah Bliss – Homegirl

“Homegirl” comes with one of those flute-based sounds you can almost never forget. Through the lyrics, Òlah sends a warning to anyone in her circle of friends who seeks more than friendship.


Donalee – Shush

On “Shush”, South London singer, Donalee effortlessly spits bars while getting her nails fixed.



Lorine Chia – Needed

When Lorine sings, you listen. She’s the type of artist that captivates throughout her performances and not until the three minute mark do we get to catch a breath on this song.



Crystal Caines – Do That Thing

Crystal Caines never fails to deliver a bop and this song is an example of how easy it is for her to create a dope rap song.


Lauren Faith – D.M.T

There’s more to Lauren Faith than her vocal dexterity and pen game. She’s also a talented producer. “D.M.T” is a sultry, R&B-inspired pop song that appears on her debut EP, Cosmic EP. Lauren is the kind of singer you listen to while sipping wine in the bathtub.



Shaé Universe – Meant To Be

Shaé has a way with melodies! I think what I really like about Shaé’s energy is her consistency. She has been on a roll since 2015 when she released her first single. One can’t help but be stunned by the choreography and visual colors in “Meant To Be”.




“Fuck nudes, send me your playlist” is sentence people tweet all the time but Alus transforms this statement to a soulful tune in her new single.



Article by Tommy Monroe