In a male-dominated industry, TRAKGIRL has been a vessel of positivity and empowerment for other women.

Weeks ago, I was reminded of how much TRAKGIRL cares about females in the industry when she tweeted: “We can say you are for women empowerment, but are you pushing towards getting more women into the ‘system’?” Well aware of the challenges faced by many women in the music industry, Shakari Boles aka, TRAKGIRL continues to prove she is a role model to those who can relate to the struggle. TRAKGIRL, is a dynamic and talented music producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She broke into the music scene during her sophomore year in college. That was when she produced “Ode to Tae”, a track on Omarion’s EP, “Care Package”. Since then, she has produced for other artists like Luke James, King Chip, Belly, and Jhene Aiko. Other than her outstanding productions, she’s also passionate about encouraging female creatives to reach their full potential, and get what they deserve in the industry. This passion lead to the creation of her brands, “PAY US TODAY”, and “The 7% Series”. TRAKGIRL created The 7% Series to uplift female creatives like producers, engineers, and mixers. The percentage of such women in the industry is less than 7%, but the goal of the brand is to honor them. While launching the program, she stressed the need for women to lift each other up as a means to increase opportunities in the recording studio. At the event, she said, “We have to create a pathway for other girls. They have to see there are role models.” Through speaking engagements and producer clinics, she has been a mentor to females who aspire to get into the industry. Motivated by the goal to support creatives, she also launched a fashion brand, PAY US TODAY that promotes fair and equal pay for creatives regardless of gender. In an interview with Forbes, When asked about how she is breaking stereotypes for women within the music industry she said: “I really want to continue to use my voice and be an advocate for women who wish to become a music producer. I really want to share my knowledge and inspire people. I’m just an advocate for women; I’m all for empowerment.” She continues to expand her brands to promote self-awareness and women empowerment in the music industry. TRAKGIRL is not only changing the music industry, but paving a way for future aspiring female producers and creatives.

Written by Tommy Monroe (Twitter: @TommyMonroe_)

Photo: Bruce Fields