January Newsletter: Hello 2018!

Welcome to 2018!

Girls Against have so many plans for this year and we can’t wait to reveal them all over the next few months. Over January we released some new playlists on our Spotify, including one filled with amazing WOC that we think deserve a spot on the Wireless line up. As well as a ‘RIOT GRRRRL’ themed playlist with artists like Girlpool and Pussy Riot. We hope you check those out and hope they’re inspiring, finding new amazing women to listen to is always a big aim of ours!

Our rep Meg wrote a lovely post on the blog as part of our ‘Everyday Heroes’ series, all about her mum. It’s really heartwarming and well worth a read. We also reached out on our twitter for Spoken word artists/poets for an exciting event we have planned. Thank you so much for all your recommendations, we’re so grateful as well as learning so much and finding so many new artists. We’ll keep everyone in mind and want you to keep in touch! Our rep Ellen wrote a piece on Halsey’s incredible speech at the Women’s March in NYC. It really was a powerful poem and the full thing can be found on her post, as well as her thoughts on it and what it meant to her. Find it here

Our favourites in Dream Wife released their self-titled album this month. Neive, our rep, did a great album review on the blog full of praise for their amazing album and we love it so much. The girls are going on tour in March so make sure you check them out. Read it here.  Also on the blog, our rep Emily, wrote a piece on the lack of female representation at Wireless. Here at GA, we were furious about the lack of RnB/Hip Hop acts that were women. 3 women across 3 stages were announced, none were headlining or that high up the bill. We know that it wasn’t the full line up but we are really expecting better from such a high profile festival. Represent women, we/they deserve it!

We’re also featured in Metal Hammer. Our rep Sophia spoke some great words and featured in their ‘Girls to the front’ article with many great metal artists. Our rep Ellen (Peirson-Hagger) wrote a list of essential reading about women in music/the arts, it’s a great list and can be read up on our blog right now.


During January the Girls Against Book Club has been reading ‘Women & Power: A Manifesto’ by Mary Beard. Beard is a classicist and in this book she traces the origins of misogyny to their ancient roots. The book is split up into two sections, each of them developed from lectures she has given. I thought this book provided a really unique discussion and I really enjoyed it; you can read more about my views on it by heading to the ‘Book Club’ section of our website. During February we will be reading ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’, the autobiography of Maya Angelou. I’d love it if you joined us in reading this, what I’m sure will be amazing and inspiring, book and be sure to join our GoodReads group for regular discussions and updates. 


Sophia has put together a playlist for January including Jorja Smith (a real favourite of ours at the moment), Dream Wife and Tonight Alive. Find it here.

Our rep Clarice has written 2 amazing album reviews for our newsletter this month.  Read them below. Both albums are well worth checking out.

Marmozets ‘Knowing What You Know’: ‘After a long four years since their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful’, Marmozets have finally released their second studio album ‘Knowing what you know’, and it was undoubtedly worth the wait. We are instantly struck with the opening track ‘Play’, giving the listener a stark reminder of the bands previous album and reaffirming that Marmozet’s are one of the most exhilarating and lively bands in the U.K. This is consistent through most of the album, with tracks like ‘Major System Error’ and ‘Suffocation’, which are rememberable for their immense energy and catchy lyrics. Alongside these explosive tracks, we are given softer songs like ‘Insomnia’ which complement Becca’s vocal range perfectly. The coexistence of softer and heavier tracks on the album illustrates a maturing band willing to take risks and who are continuing to defy the boundaries of a typical rock album. The unpredictability of the tracks could be viewed positively or negatively; never the less it is a well-constructed album that screams the unconventional and ambitious. This is an album which is emotionally captivating inside and out, whether you prefer the softer harmonics, the gritty angrier tracks, or both.’

Dream Wife:  Grungy and glamorous, Dream Wife’s self-titled album has really set off twenty-eighteen with a bang. The opening track ‘Lets make out’ is mixed with idyllic pop melodies and catchy rock riffs, which is consistently seen throughout the album in tracks like ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ and ‘F.U.U’. Whilst softer tracks like ‘Love without Reason’ shows that the band has the potential transcend from one spectrum to another, highlighting how unique and clean-cut they truly are. Behind the sweet harmonies and energetic roars, the second track on the album ‘Somebody’ vocalises paramount issues of sexism and rape culture. The lyrics ‘I am not my body, I am somebody’ emphasise empowerment and confidence throughout the album, enabling those who do not have the voice to be heard. This album is delicate, yet its gritty, loud lyrics and guitar riffs make this album boisterous, confident and infectiously replayable.


This month we want you to love My Big Mental Head. We had a chat with them and here is all you need to know.

‘We’re the creators of My Big Mental Head and our names are Hannah and Connie. We met through an apprenticeship course, we quickly became friends when we discovered we shared a love for music. We both work in the creative industry and recently completed our apprenticeships. We started our project, My Big Mental, on the 18th of January so it’s still early days. Our overall aim is to create a safe space for musicians and their fans to talk openly about mental health. We’ve received an incredible response so far and have alot planned for the near future. We’d like to reach out to anyone who suffers with mental health issues who needs support. We’d love to work with charities to help provide the best support we possibly can. Finally we’d like to reach out to musicians to get more people with a platform talking openly about mental health. Hopefully this will stop people from being afraid to talk about how they’re feeling. We hope that with the more awareness we raise, the more understanding we build, which will allow people like parents and teachers to support young people who are struggling’.

We love everything these girls stand for and really want them to get the exposure they deserve. Find them on twitter @mybigmentalhead.


Our rep Emma has written a wonderful piece about the Women’s March that happened this month.

‘The Women’s March held on January 20th, 2018 throughout cities across the world was a huge example of the progress and determination women from across the globe have shown throughout the year. With an array of colourful signs with powerful slogans, marchers were united with all their fellow sisters as they campaigned for equality and a fairer world in which we live. One year on from Donald Trump’s inauguration, the battle for the voice of the woman to be heard was evident in the streets of New York, Washington, Los Angeles and many sister rallies campaigning in London, Canada and Italy. 2017 was a tough year for many women all over the world who have been endlessly scrutinized for their claims of sexual assault whether it being in the work place in the public sphere or at home. However, when the #MeToo campaign was born these women who had been oppressed for so long were able to have a voice in order to speak out. Through the sisterhood and support of many, the women who had been shunned and disregarded have been given a platform to speak on through the ‘Times Up’ campaign created to stand up against sexual harassment. Originally founded in 2006, the campaign came to the surface again in response to the many claims against men in power, such as Harvey Weinstein who used his position to take advantage of many women. In 2017 a letter of solidarity was written to the Hollywood women involved in exposing allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The letter described the experiences of assault and sexual harassment among female farm workers, in doing this the campaign was able to encourage those women who had a high media platform to highlight the injustice and sexual misconduct that has been ongoing. Female solidarity was displayed at the Golden Globes where many women of high profile wore black and spoke out about sexual assault in order to highlight this important issue…’ 

The rest of this amazing piece will be up on our blog this week.


As always, thank you for your continued support. We have lots of exciting things to announce very soon and hope that you’ll continue to support us over the next year and beyond. Happy 2018!

GA x

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