‘Untitled’- Megan Thundercliffe

“My piece is about the injustice of rape culture, and how many women suffer alone and in silence when it comes to sexual abuse.The whole point of the piece was to get across the frustration and isolation victims feel towards audiences, as there’s such a passive aggressive stigma that surrounds it, and it is a subject that people don’t really want to discuss.
   I decided to write a post about my ideas, and asked if anyone who was a victim of sexual assault to get in touch if they were comfortable. Surprisingly, a lot of young women got in touch.
    Every woman’s story was different, some were young girls, some were involved in gangs, some were in relationships and some were also abused, but the one thing they all shared  is how they had all felt extremely alone in this conversation.
    I wanted to get their anger across to those who may not understand, so I realised it was best to look at and explore with language. It started with re-writing out the conversations I had with the victims, making some words bigger, some words in different colours, some words scribbled out, some words removed. I decided to focus on the words that became more striking and shocking, such as “rape, child, gang, abuse, alone” etc. This was to have more impact on viewers, and create this overwhelming montage of words that victims feel all at once, constantly.
   I eventually started making my pieces smaller and smaller, until they were post card size. I wanted the piece to be more intimate, and wanted viewers to have to look for what it meant and figure it out, as it’s not such a simple subject or a black and white one.” – Megan Thundercliffe