December Newsletter

Happy new year!

This edition of the newsletter will be a little shorter than usual but that is due to our amazing new website being created and we believe that should be your main focus this month. We want you to visit it if you ever have any questions, concerns or enquiries as these can now be dealt with much quicker and we hope this is a better way of contacting us! All our blog posts can now be seen on here too, under easy to find headings, as well as this newsletter and the book club. Speaking of the book club, Alice has written us a piece to introduce us to this months book. This issue also contains a music piece by our rep Sophia and some rep’s picks of who we should be listening to in 2018.  Our next issue, out in Feb but all about January, will be bigger and better (and also sent to your inboxes!).

Book Club

During December (and a little bit of January) the Girls Against Book Club have been reading Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. The novel is semi-autobiographical and tells the story of a girl growing up in a community of Christian missionaries who becomes isolated when she comes out as a lesbian. The blog post discussing the novel is going up this Sunday so keep an eye out for that to hear my thoughts on why the novel is so important and a must-read for everyone! I will also be releasing a list of books that the GA Book Club will be reading during the first 6 months of 2018 so keep an eye out for that too so you can give yourself time to read them if you need longer than a month or pick your favourite ones to invest in! – Alice Porter

What should we be listening to in 2018?

We asked our reps to tell us their top artists from 2017 and who we should be looking out for in 2018.

“I’d say I’m most excited for what Grimes is going to release this year, producing/engineering/writing/performing everything on her own has meant she’s kept everyone waiting since her last release Art Angels in 2015 which arguably inspired the wave of new alternative yet accessible pop which artists such as Charli XCX are now making. As someone who consistently pushes pop boundaries it’s exciting to see what she’ll release next!” – Iona Macwhirter-Harley 

“My top artist of 2017 would be Dua Lipa; she had a really incredible year with the release of her self titled debut album and her single ‘New Rules’, which is inarguably one of the biggest songs of last year. Distinctive and empowering, her music is saturated in confidence that’s more than just a little bit infectious; it’s hard to listen to her music without feeling powerful and motivated in my opinion and it’s because of this that I think 2017 was the year of Dua Lipa. In terms of 2018, I think Dream Wife are essentially destined to be on everyone’s radar, especially with the release of their debut album this month. Their music is so embracing of what it means to be a woman in this society and celebrates this completely and it’s so uplifting because of this! If the trio doesn’t take 2018 by storm, I’ll be really surprised.” – Neive Mccarthy

“Miley Cyrus was a huge inspiration for so many people throughout 2017. Along with a beautifully crafted new album ‘Younger Now’, they consistently spoke out for what they believed in. Women’s Rights, Trump, Sexuality, Gender and the Music Industry to name a few. Miley’s appearance at Ariana Grande’s benefit concert in Manchester was respectful, open and full of love. The Happy Hippie Foundation, which Miley has founded, aims to rally young people to “fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations” and never fails to make the world a better place whilst restoring faith in humanity” – Megan Ryder-Maki

“Top artist of 2017: Pvris. Their album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” was one of the best of 2017 and the activist work they do is inspiring, like giving away free gig tickets to fans who volunteered their time to LGBTQ charities. One for 2018: Pale Waves. The singles they’ve released so far have been beautiful and their album is going to make them massive!” – Shannon McGarrity

Our Spotify 

We’ve had few additions to our Spotify this month, hoping to appeal to a wide range of music tastes!

Our ‘Crossing Borders’ playlist – curated by international GA rep Sophia Farroukh.

This playlist focusses on non-english lyrics, crossing the borders of nations and genres. Find it here:
Crossing Borders

Here are Sophia’s thoughts on what to look out for this year:

We are excited that so much wonderful music is set to be coming out, music made by wonderful people! Tonight Alive are releasing their 4th studio album VERY VERY SOON. I feel like I’ve waiting for this for decades, even though Limitless came out less than two years ago… This is set to be the band’s most honest and emotionally intense record yet, and I am beyond excited. Personally, I find their music always grounds me, and always manages to be exactly what I need at that point in time. Welcome to the Underworld, friends…

Architects may or may not be releasing new stuff this year. My bet is on at least another new song, but an album is possibly on the horizon. Honestly, I’m still reeling from Doomsday, and am still surprised we seem to be getting new stuff from them any time soon. Not complaining though, I’ll take it all. It’s going to be immensely brilliant, by the way – I’ve not heard a single second of it, but I’m 100% sure anyway.

Other releases I’m looking forward to:
Entertainment – Waterparks
Knowing What You Know Now – Marmozets
Hold Onto Your Heart – The Xcerts
Could It Be Different? – The Spook School

– Sophia Simon-Bashall
Check out these playlists! 

Sophias Playlist

We have started a playlist for our #wcw / women creating waves spotlights – although not all of our chosen women are musicians. Those who are, however, can be found in this playlist.


In addition to this, we’re continuously working on a playlist which shows you most of the artists + bands we’ve worked with, been in contact with, or supported by. It’s a nice, condensed way for us to look and be reminded of what we’ve achieved, and also to serve as a mini-guide to some artists you can feel safe listening to. It’s a good place to discover new music – and not have to worry about who you’re supporting!

Friends of GA 

Thank you for your continued support. Bea recently put up a post detailing all we got up to last year and what to look forward to this year! You can read that here.


We’ll be back next month with a bumper issue! Thanks to our reps and the regular contributors.

love from GA xxx

Contributors for this issue: Alice (@aliceporterX), Sophia (@hurricane_phi), Neive (@neiveeee), Iona, Shannon (@shannondarko), Megan (@ixxmcmxl).

Editor: Ellen (@ellcharlotte_)


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