Welcome To Our New Website!

Hi everyone,
It’s been an incredible 2 and a bit years for GA, and we are celebrating the new year with a new website (cliché I know..)

2017 has been a particularly exciting year, starting with our work with Declan Mckenna in Jan as well as a feature on BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ programme about sexual assault in Feb. We worked with Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds for IWD in March, and spread our awareness with Dr Martens in April. We joined AIF’s safer space campaign in May – helping to spread the message against sexual assault to the major festivals, as well as being able to donate any money we had by June to other sexual assault charities such as My Body Back and EVAW. July saw our lovely rep Alice develop the Book Club – where we have been able to discuss a range of important issues whilst amplifying the voices of people whose values are in alignment with the campaign’s. Our posters hit the big screens at Reading & Leeds in August, and our rep Ellen started our incredible monthly newsletter in Sept. We promoted some of our reps in October and started our own #wcw (women creating waves) over on our instagram, celebrating inspiring women in the music industry. Our Washington DC rep Andrew made an appearance on Chunky Glasses’ podcast, AND we started to work closely with the wonderful band Dream Wife, who collaborated with us on their October tour. Anna was invited to WOWperth as a mentor young women about our campaign towards the end of the month, and we also opened up applications for new UK reps (a busy month!) November gave us exciting opportunities with building bridges with Spotify, as well as recruiting 30 new wonderful reps to help us in 2018. Now, as December is ending, we celebrate our new blue tick on twitter and have been counting down the year with our 25DaysOfGA challenges.

The website is the first step to a whirlwind of exciting plans for 2018, and we can’t thank you enough for sticking by us through these 2 years. This website will become our main point of contact, and we are aiming to improve our victim support facilities in the next few months. With help from our new reps, we are working to improve every area of GA’s aims ready for 2018.

Lots of love to you all. We are ready to start the new year with some big ideas and even more determination to make as big of a change as we can, and we hope you all join us in doing so.

GA x