Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, The Ritz Manchester, 03.12.17

A roar of excitement fills The Ritz on the 3rd December awaiting the entrance of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, a punk band formed in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in London.

After the band pulling out of the support slot for Papa Roach’s European tour due to Frank needing to take time to focus on his mental health, there had been speculation surrounding their winter tour. However, having sold out their first date of the tour in Bristol, the fans knew that Frank was back on track.

Opening with the powerful tune “Primary Explosive” from the first album, Frank dominates the venue as the crowd sing along.

“Ladies, this song is for you” Frank dedicates the song “Wild Flowers” to all of the females in the audience and reassures the women who have always wanted to crowd surf but have felt too vulnerable to do so due to groping at gigs that this is their time to do it in a safe environment. Carter reinforces the rule to the males in the crowd by threatening to “tear their f*****g heads off with his bare hands if they do not treat the female crowd surfers with the love and kindness and respect they deserve”.

Artists creating this kind of safe environment at gigs is so important. It not only totally discourages perpetrators from committing any type of sexual assault but it also reassures victims that they are in a safe space.

The song is stopped half way through as a female member of the audience collapses and requires urgent medical attention. The band, the venue staff and the fans work together to make sure that she is safely removed from the incident.

Once the band were given the thumbs up that she was safe, they got back to the set and performed the robust song “Acid Veins” which was the first time that it had ever been performed live, a real treat for the audience.

Carter explores the venue by performing the title track of the new album “Modern Ruin” on the balcony to make sure that everyone feels a connection, not just those that bought standing tickets.

Frank and the gang may well have had some obstacles this year, which they have gone above and beyond to tackle to prove everyone they are back and better than ever. No doubt the rattlesnakes will bite back in 2018 too.

If you have not yet heard of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, check out their social media accounts and Spotify!


Written by Gee Stanley (@geeslostcontrol on Instagram).