GA Newsletter: November 2017

Welcome to November!

Getting colder and the albums are running out. However, with the lack of new music being released we do have some exciting news! This month, we took on some lovely new reps from across the country and welcomed them into our ranks. We were so pleased with their enthusiasm and hope they help take this campaign even further. Some of these gems have written new pieces for us in the newsletter this month so hopefully you all enjoy their writing as much as we do.

We’re hoping to bring this newsletter to your inboxes next month! Thank you to all the people that voted on our twitter poll and showed interest, we really hope that its something you can get on board with and are just as interested as we are in seeing if its successful. Its a big step for us.

We’ve also opened up our blog submissions for artwork and all your amazing writing. We’re open to pretty much everything to do with intersectional feminism, the music industry, sexual harassment etc. Things that are appropriate to our campaign really. We really love seeing what you’ve got to offer and appreciate everything you do send us.

Book Club

During the month of November, the Girls Against Book Club has been reading ‘Feminine Gospels’ by Carol Ann Duffy, a poetry collection that deals with female identity in various ways. In this month’s book club blog post i discussed some of my favourite poems from the collection, ‘Beautiful, ‘The Woman Who Shopped’, and ‘Loud’ and one of our new reps, Megan, contributed her thoughts on the collection too- scroll down to read more! During December we will be reading ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ by Jeanette Winterson, a semi-autobiographical novel about growing up as a lesbian within a religious family and community. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in reading and discussing be sure to pick up a copy; its a relatively short novel so there should be plenty of time to read it over the christmas period! Don’t forget to join our Good Reads page for regular updates and discussions.

Our Rep Favourites: 

To introduce our new reps to writing for us, we’ve done a small collaborative piece asking them to give us their top picks from this year in music from their favourite artists.

Rep: Ellen Peirson-Hagger

Artist: Laura Marling

Album: Semper Femina

Top Picks

‘The Valley’

‘Nothing, Not Nearly’

‘Wild Once’

Semper Femina is a meditation on what it is to be a woman, and to be friends with women. The album is romantic, touching and empowering. Best of all, Marling is no holds barred, her voice as its fullest on this sixth album, her calm and collected anger wonderful in its fury.

Rep: Neive McCarthy

Artist: Anteros

Album: Drunk EP

Top Picks

‘On The Moon’


The release of the ‘Drunk’ EP earlier this year showed that Anteros have a taste for stratospheric heights and are well on their way to getting there- it’s simultaneously explosive and melancholic but altogether guaranteed to get you dancing along with effortlessly cool front woman Laura Hayden all the way through.

Rep: Emma Randall

Artist: Amber Mark

Album: 3:33am EP

Amber Mark brings an uplifting tone of vibrance and colour to her new EP 3:33 am. Amber uses the song ‘loose my cool’ to express her feelings regarding the death of her mother and suggests that we ought to celebrate life rather than lamenting death. Amber Mark also explores her Buddhist upraising and the impact it’s had on her life, the EP is a beautiful collection of female empowerment and encourages those who have lost someone to express themselves in a way that stops them from bottling up emotions.


NME Album of the Year:

Our rep Neive writes beautifully about Lorde, and her winning NME album of the year 2017 for Melodrama…

‘As the year draws to a close, it can only mean one thing (other than Christmas)- the imminent release of NME’s album of the year. This month saw the announcement that Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ had won the accolade, followed by Wolf Alice’s ‘Visions of a Life’ in second place; 2017 really has been a stellar year for women in music. Lorde’s sophomore album chronicles an adventure in discovering yourself and in her own words,  “a record about being alone”. It’s completely self-embracing and intimate, with the introspective ‘Liability’, a raw, self analytical piano ballad, being one of the standout tracks. ‘Melodrama’ is an album which explores diversity so closely that the overall sound is incredibly eclectic but tied together by a distinct Lorde touch that makes it work so well; it soars to unheard of heights on the heartbroken yet anthemic ‘Green Light’, yet manages to contrast this with the lovestruck, magic-enthused ‘The Louvre’. Every song manages to discretely encapsulate a period in your life where uncertainty intertwines with reckless happiness, and that’s part of what makes it such a spectacularly important album. Releasing an album at 16 is no easy feat, and Lorde has mentioned that being a woman is the music industry is undeniably difficult. Still, she has managed to make the second album of all second albums- mature and introspective, but infectious to the point where you cannot help but dance. Most integrally, throughout her entire rise to success, Lorde has remained unwaveringly true to herself in the most unapologetic way possible: the way in which she has done things her own way is totally admirable  and perhaps could be attributed to why ‘Melodrama’ has been so successful. It’s an album that completely redefined the pop genre and riddled with those Lorde idiosyncrasies that have become so distinctive; ‘Melodrama’ is empowering, confessional and ambitious, and Lorde pulls this off magnificently to create an album that could not be anything other than album of the year’

–       Neive McCarthy



As you all (hopefully) know, we have an Instagram theme of Women Creating Waves. This is to celebrate all the incredible women that are doing something amazing either in the music industry or their own field. Our rep Megan chose her favourite from the past couple of months who has made the most impact on her.

‘In our new ‘Women Creating Waves’ (#wcw) Instagram theme, GA recently posted about Wolf Alice’s extremely talented Ellie Rowsell. As we mentioned in our post, “it’s always lovely to see strong women paving the way and being so iconic!” and Ellie is one of many who has proved to music lovers everywhere that “you are your own artist” (Ellie for NME, 2016). We believe artists from all walks of life should love and embrace that! Another example that Ellie never fails to impress the music scene was her casual invite on Twitter for “any gals” to play her guitar part in the wolf alice song ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ during a gig. Some thought she was joking, but on 11th November a fan called Freya joined the stage and absolutely smashed the song! You can see a clip on the band’s Instagram . We love recognising women who create waves in what they do, and Ellie is just one. We have mentioned the likes of Jessica Hopper, Lady GaGa and Ines Rau. Follow us on instagram @girls.against to keep up to date with such wonderful women who inspire us every day!’

–       Megan Ryder- Maki

Another of our reps, Iona, chose Cardi B (an icon), a post will be up about her soon for a wcw but for now, here is what she had to say.

‘The only female rapper to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in almost two decades, Cardi B brought us one of the most landmark moments of music in 2017. Gaining an accolade established rap megastars like Nicki Minaj couldn’t reach, Cardi surpassed any misconceptions about her past in stripping and reality TV as her track “Bodak Yellow” climbed the charts gradually after its first release in June 2017, reaching the top spot on the 25th of September. That’s not to say Cardi shies away from her past in exotic dancing in the slightest; self-proclaimed “stripper hoe”, Cardi is proud of the career that made her name and saved her from an abusive relationship. Her unapologetic expression of her sexualit, her unrelenting work ethic and the fact she didn’t rely at all on her famous boyfriend to make her name in the rap world (she is now engaged to Migos’ Offset), Cardi is a beacon of the reshaping image of what it means to be a woman in the music industry today. Formerly “Cardi B: stripper, Instagram personality, reality TV star, rapper”, ‘Bodak Yellow’ with its unforgettable hook and oozing personality cemented her identity as “Cardi B: rapper”. And this is just her debut.’

–       Iona Macwhirter- Harley



Our rep Sophia has curated our November playlist! This includes artists such as Sigrid, Black Honey and Sunflower Bean. Give us a follow on Spotify for our monthly playlists.

Thank you for reading!


The Girls Against team xxx


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