GA Newsletter: September 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to September’s (and our first) issue of our newsletter! I’m hoping this will be the first of many and a really good way of letting you all know what we’ve been up to, and what drives us as a campaign.

We intend to bring you news and updates of our antics this month as well as band and artist recommendations and just other general stuff our reps would like to share with you. We really hope you find this useful, we hope it helps you keep up with what we’ve been doing and shows what we’ve been listening/reading/singing along to this month.


So, what have we been up to this month? I think the best way to start is the massive success of our Reading and Leeds main stage appearance! Our rep Isabella Ward successfully managed to make us stars by having our video shown on the big screens as well as having it introduced on stage by Huw Stevens (!!). We hope that people managed to catch a glimpse of this amazing thing for us, we were so proud that we got that opportunity and want to thank everyone involved!

Our poster appeared in Derby this month. Sitwell Tavern joined us in fighting sexual harassment and showing as a venue, they do not tolerate it.


Image courtesy of Sophie Arnold


Our Washington DC rep Andrew Koh got Mac Demarco to follow our Twitter account this month which is crazy but also really lovely to know that we have someone of a high profile supporting what we do.

There’s also an interview conducted by Andrew with the incredible Slowdive coming very soon – look out for that!


Image courtesey of Andrew Koh, Amanda Lee & Pamela Ayala


Our rep Ania Buksowicz got the amazing Nick Murphy to follow our campaign! Videos and pictures can be found on our socials, he seems very passionate about what we do and helping with the issues we’re trying to tackle – interview with him coming soon.


Exciting news! Wild and Kind Studio are hosting an exhibition to raise money for all the charities we support. It is happening on the 2-8th of October and
they are open from 10-4 every day so try and pop along if you can. Find them on instagram at @wildandkindstudio for all the deets and their address (based in Glasgow).

Book Club

This month for the Girls Against Book Club we have been reading ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She developed this essay after giving a TED Talk with the same title and both the text itself and the talk have received much acclaim. In this month’s Book Club we discuss how this
pocket-sized text works as a ‘beginners guide to feminism’ and its importance
in bringing the discussion surrounding feminism to the mainstream, whilst also
touching on its drawbacks because of the restricting nature of its length. We
have also announced October’s book, which is ‘The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic’ by Jessica Hopper. The title is pretty self-explanatory and we are hoping that reading this book will allow us to discuss feminism, the music industry and how they are linked in more depth. To read more about ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ head over to the book club post on the Girls Against blog and make sure to get your hands on a copy of Jessica Hopper’s collection of music criticism so you can take part in the book club during the month of October.

This piece was written by our rep Alice Porter; Alice writes and picks the book club books so please get involved with that and send her suggestions for the
following months book.


September tends to be a good month for new music – it’s ahead of autumn tours and it’s a time when people need cheering up. For me this month, the stand-out release has undoubtedly been Architects’ unexpected new track ‘Doomsday’. I could talk about this song forever, but I’ll try and keep this short. It’s a song about grief and one that captures that journey so eloquently, so honestly. Its brutal, it’s beautiful and it’s brilliant. I want to promote music made by women here, but that felt like a worthy exception. Please, please go and listen to it.

My other favourite is the new MUNA song, ‘In My Way’ – and it’s accompanying video, which is adorable and wonderful. It’s far more positive
than anything from the bands debut album, About U, which is always nice to
hear. It’s about the euphoria of falling in love and putting faith in a relationship and sonically feels like a perfect summer to autumn transition song.

Other grrrl fueled jams can be found here:

Spotify September

This Spotify playlist and piece was written by our rep Sophia Simon-Bashall.

A Word From The Founders

Hey everyone! We’ve had a busy summer with many festival appearances and collaborations with other campaigns, such as the Safer Spaces campaign coordinated by AIF.

As we transition into autumn, and with more and more gigs cropping up as gig season approaches, we want to push artists to talk much more openly about the topic and our campaign. A more hands-on approach collaboratively from venues and artists is what we’re seeking for towards the end of this year – as a campaign we have raised awareness if the issue, and now it’s time for an active effort to crack down on sexual assault at gigs.

As ever, our Twitter DMs are open for anyone who has fallen victim and needs support, or wants to ask any questions about our campaign, or even if anyone wishes to help us out in anyway or has any suggestions!

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved as a campaign thus far – this newsletter is an amazing way of showing people what we have been up to, and shows how as a campaign we are a collaborative force to be reckoned with!

Big love, Anna x

So that just about sums up our month, we’re so proud of the Reading and Leeds appearances and everything else our reps have managed to achieve! Catch us back in October!

Lots of love,

The founders and the reps x

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