GA Book Club: Welcome!

Girls Against began as a campaign that aimed to establish a discussion of the issue of sexual assault at gigs and although this discussion has been firmly established, we are still working on expanding it. Not only do we want to discuss the issue itself but we want to bring to light the issues surrounding it – i.e the deep-rooted attitudes installed in our culture that have made sexual assault at gigs commonplace. And with that, welcome to the Girls Against Book Club!

We hope to use this book club as an opportunity to discuss a range of important issues whilst amplifying the voices of people whose values are in alignment with the campaign’s. We want to encourage you to become more involved with the campaign by contributing your thoughts on the matter of discussion. Hopefully this will widen the scope of discussion surrounding intersectional feminism.

It isn’t going to be limited to one type of text – we’ll be including both fiction and non-fiction texts as well as poetry, which will hopefully mean you can get involved whatever genre you prefer! There will be opinions, reviews and ratings of each book on the first Sunday of every month on the Girls Against blog and this post will also include the book we’ll be reading for the following month. We hope that making this book club monthly will give everyone enough time to get hold of the book, read it and gather their thoughts on it.

The book we’re going to start with is ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gay, a series of essays on various issues that Gay discusses through her experiences as a woman of colour whilst also providing a commentary on the state of feminism today. The majority of the book is split into three main sections titled, ‘Gender and Sexuality’, ‘Race and Entertainment’ and ‘Politics, Gender & Race’, so seemingly it is a good one to kick-start our book club with as it focuses on many of the topics we hope to discuss.

As mentioned, we want you to get involved! This book club is going to be a discussion and so your thoughts and opinions on whichever book we’re reading will be very much appreciated! You can send us an email with your opinion at Any comments on the book we particularly enjoy will be included in August’s post.

I’m really looking forward to using this book club to discuss the issues that are important to Girls Against and myself and I hope you are able to take advantage of it in the same way!

Written by Alice Porter (@aliceporterx on Twitter).