An Interview With…DOLLS

DOLLS are a grunge-punk two-piece, who’ll be joining The Tuts and Peach Club at The George Tavern for International Women’s Day this Wednesday. Girls Against got hold of Jade and Belinda to talk to them a bit more about their music, girl bands, and gig-going.

So, I love your single, Audrey! Could you tell me a bit more about it?

Bel: Audrey was written after Jade was really inspired by a certain someone. It was one of the first songs we wrote together and was a break away from the bluesy riff based songs previously released.

Do you have any other new songs on the way?

Jade: Oh yes! We are writing new songs all the time. We should hopefully have some new songs unleashed to the world in the near future. Stay tuned!

A lot of bands in this scene, including you guys, are sometimes being referred
to as “Riot Grrrl revival”. Do you consider yourselves a Riot Grrrl band? Do
you have any thoughts on the original 90s movement?

Jade: We are definitely inspired by the movement but I wouldn’t consider ourselves as a Riot Grrrl band specifically. I think the original movement did a lot to change people’s perception of feminism and empower women but there is still more that could be done.

Bel: I really believe the 90’s movement consolidated a huge step in feminism and female presence in the music industry. We are definitely inspired by it and still believe we need to keep fighting for equality.

I’ll ask the obvious question, because everyone always seems to be interested – who do you find yourselves inspired by?

J & B: We are inspired by a variety of bands, books and films. We love Sonic
Youth, Pj Harvey, Pixies… the list goes on.

When was the last time you were at a gig? What’s the best memory/story you’ve got from a gig?

Jade: I was at a gig on Friday and I am going to another one tonight. I try to go to as many gigs as possible. I went to a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds gig a few years ago not really expecting to enjoy it as I didn’t love ‘Push the sky away’ on first listen. I ended up in floods of tears by the second song and left with them becoming one of my favourite bands.

Bel: I also like going to gigs regularly and I try to combine bigger ones with my friend’s gigs. It’s so important to support unsigned and independent artists, because I know it can be so hard to break through and it can really demotivate people. I always have a great time at Mac DeMarco’s gigs. At Field Day he crowd-surfed over me and broke my sun glasses. It was really the highlight of
my week!

What’s your favourite part about performing your songs up in front of people?
Do you think being women makes a difference to your music and how you present yourselves on stage?

Jade: My favourite part is being able to express myself on stage. I find it is a good release. I also love seeing people really enjoying our music and singing along.

Bel: I don’t think being women directly affects our music any more than just how normal life affects any woman. I love being onstage because I truly feel so comfortable and happy! I’ve always thought that drumming is like breathing to me. Also I love playing with Jade and that’s what makes a big difference.

Do you have any personal opinions on what we can do to encourage diversity in the indie music scene, and to make gig-goers comfortable?

Jade: I think the fact there are more female fronted nights now encourages diversity. I have also seen workshops that focuses on girl musicians being able to be in bands together which is great!

Bel: And about gig goers, I know how awful it can be for girls sometimes in crowded rooms or arenas. I think the main point is to speak out about any uncomfortable circumstances and raise awareness (and respect).

For those who miss you on Wednesday, when can people next catch you?

J & B: We are playing at the Tooting Tram and social on March 17th for Radio X’s John Kennedy.

To hear more from Dolls find them at @thisisdolls and on Instagram at dolls_music

You can check out their new single “Audrey” on soundcloud now ( or watch the
music video on Youtube (

Interview by Emma