An Interview With…Dream Wife (a Halloween Special)

Bella, Rakel and Alice of Dream Wife list the beautiful, powerful and fucked up women of David Lynch movies and drag culture as influence, and they notably have apowerful magic to their stage presence. This time you can really see them in their element as they’re throwing a Halloween Graveyard Party at London’s Moth Club.

Just as it is for modern day witches, DIY culture and feminist/LGBTQ communities have been playing a great part in the life of Dream Wife. Started out as a performance piece at art school and recorded tracks in Alice’s bedroom, the group has now gone further than they’ve ever expected. They’ve quickly become a significant part of London’s thriving creative community through collaboration with photographers such as Maisie Cousins and writers such as Polyester’s Ione Gamble amongst others. After the wild success of their ‘EP01’ earlier this year the trio finally signed to Lucky Number, started recording their debut album and
introduced us to some of our favourite music videos of the year.


The latest one, ‘Lolita’, is probably their most empowering (and spookiest) one yet. Directed by Sam Boullier and Eleanor Hardwick, the video shows them playing both victims and villains, paying respect to movies such as The Blair Witch Project or The Shining while representing the horror genre with a feminist twist. Basically the perfect video to watch when you want to put your headphones on and dance alone in the dark to some angry music at 2AM. I hope you’re doing it right now. If not, then just read our interview with them as we asked them about all things creepy as a warm up for their Halloween party.


In a famous Halloween episode of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer everyone was under a spell and turned into their respective persona, so became real ghosts and real monsters and, of course, total chaos erupted. What if I told you this Halloween everyone’s going to turn into whatever they’re wearing for one night only? What would you wear?

Rakel: I’m not really sure what I’m going to be on Halloween… I only really wanted to be an evil fairy, because we watched documentaries about fairies in
Iceland and wanted to know more about it. So yeah, an Evil Fairy from Iceland!
That sounds like myself in a way.

Alice: I might go as Alice Cooper! So I can be Alice Cooper for one night only!

Alice to Bella: You’d be a really cute ghost!

Bella: You’ve been dressing me up as a ghost as long as you’ve known me! … I don’t know, maybe like a Panther…

Is there any costume that one should never ever wear?

Alice: There are so many lazy costumes, maybe people should be just creative
with it. Lazy costumes are just the worst, like, why bother?

Rakel: I don’t like when people dress up as sports hooligans because that’s a totally different thing.

Bella: Also you don’t have to be offensive to be scary. I don’t want to see
any ‘black face’. People do have to think about how their costume affect other
people and respect those boundaries.

If you could only watch one horror movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Alice: Inland Empire, which is this really, really long David Lynch movie,  which is just really fucked up! Every time I’ve gone to watch that I’ve never watched it in one go, I could watch that for the rest of my life and still never see it.

Bella: Probably The Shining for me. It’s just perfect.

Rakel: I don’t like horror films a lot but I would probably watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, but that’s because it’s really cute… and a bit scary. I’m afraid of the dark.

Is there any particular cemetery where you like to hang?

Bella: Oh we love cemeteries! Nunhead Cemetery, Alice and I moved to Nunhead to be close to the cemetery.

Rakel: That’s why it’s called ‘The Graveyard Party’ [their Halloween party]. It’s a very personal thing. My favourite one is the oldest cemetery in Reykjavik, it’s really beautiful because it’s got so many trees everywhere and Reykjavik doesn’t really have a lot of trees. It’s special in a way as it’s easy for trees to grow there. [People believe] when someone dies you’d plant a tree so that their spirit would live on in the tree, continue on growing. So your human remains would be a part of the soil for the tree to live. I often go with my grandma to visit her parents and she would always tell me the story and
tell me how big their trees are, and how big their spirits are living in the

Rakel: Graveyards can definitely be scary at some point but I think sometimes really beautiful and you can have really amazing conversations [there]. Especially in London there are just so many wild graveyards, they just let the trees grow and the stones brake and they become almost like the jungles of London, nature is taking over. Every single meter in London is used for some construction and then there’s the graveyard, very peaceful. Great place for dates.

If you could talk to a famous ghost who would you talk to?

Alice: David Bowie.

Rakel to Alice: Really recent ghost.

Alice: Baby ghost.

Bella to Alice: Bowie wouldn’t have much to say about the afterlife yet, would he?

Alice: I just want to speak to him, I never got to when he was alive so I gotta get it when I can.

Bella: Maybe someone who died under mysterious circumstances.

Alice: The Black Dahlia.

Bella: Yeah, I would speak to her.

Rakel: I would probably want to speak to a witch from Salem. I would really want to know what was happening [to them] at the time, if it was because they were using herbal medicine so they were competition, or if it was because of
some incident. I’d really want to know their side … The Salem witch trials, I’m
really curious about that.

Bella: [It] was about fear of things existing outside the patriarchy. People being persecuted because they did things that didn’t make sense within their
constructs. But even then, some of them weren’t even practising witches.

What are you most excited about this Halloween?

 Alice: Having a great party with our friends!

Bella: We’ve curated the line-up, got lots of friends playing and DJing…

Rakel: We’ve curated every single minute! And it’s all friends of ours so it’s just gonna be a huge party with a lot of really good people and musicians. And I’m also excited about Alice Cooper!

On collaborating with friends:

Bella: It’s about building things together and at the end of the day what can be more fun than making great stuff with your friends?

Alice: We’ve collaborated with a lot of people and they’ve always been friends or people we’ve completely respected. We’re just really lucky to know a lot of
people in decent artist groups and it kind of just happens quite naturally.

Rakel: I think there’s a level of respect for each other’s art form. We’re
quite excited about our next collaboration, which is going to come out soon-ish, and that’s with an Icelandic rapper, Vigdís. That’ll be pretty epic, once
that comes out. I don’t think you would have necessarily linked us to that collaboration so I’m really excited to see people’s reaction.

Get your tickets for the freakiest graveyard party on Dice and dress to impress!

Interview by Dora Pocsai