Happy New Year

Happy new year from us here at Girls Against! Below we, plus some of our lovely followers, have shared some of what we have learned over the past year.

Anna (GA)

“2015, for me, has been a year of changes and new beginnings. Firstly and most importantly, I got better eyebrows – always a priority. 

On a deeper and perhaps less shallow level, I got rid of toxic people in my life and made room for people who I love and who (hopefully) love me. Four of those people, who I have the honour of running this wonderful campaign with, I am so grateful for. And also for you, reader, for believing in us and supporting us as we began in October, up until now, and in the new year. 2016 is going to be memorable, and this is just the beginning. Another new beginning, I suppose!”


“I learnt that it’s okay to say no to a band member/friend if they make unwanted advances. And its okay to speak out; to share your message in order to help others.”

(Rayne will be sharing her experience with us in the coming months.)

Anni (GA) 

“I’ve learned so much over the past year, and my feminism has grown from strength to strength. I’ve learned more about varying systems of privilege and oppression, and I’ve adopted self love. These are all things which are helping me contribute to GA to the best of my ability. The other girls have been such a positive impact on my life, and their presence makes me excited for the year ahead! As do all of our lovely supporters. Love and solidarity.” 


“I’ve learnt this year that you CANNOT let your emotions depend on anyone but you. No matter if they make you happier than anything else. Also to be comfortable in your own skin, even if you hate it, you’re stuck with it – so work it!” 

Bea (GA) 

“2015 for me has been a whirlwind of a year. It’s crazy to think about all the amazing things that I’ve seemed to cram into these 365 days that have whizzed past so quickly. From the last 12 months I have learnt to increasingly grab opportunities head on and try and do the things that make YOU happiest and not just what others want you to do. Setting up the Girls Against campaign has made me realise the importance into investing in feminism and has taught me to fight for what’s right regarding gender and equality! It’s been a banger of a year and I hope 2016 is just as exciting for you and everyone that you love!”


“This year I learned that I didn’t have to take crap from people in crowds, that when they try to push me from the front, I have every right to push back. I waited there for hours, I deserve that space. I learned that my anger is valid and okay and I can express it. I should not be intimidated by them. I will not be anymore.” 

Hannah (GA) 

“2015 was an odd one for me. Like everything in life there were ups and downs, swings and roundabouts etc etc. The lowest points were probably being assaulted, going through my first break up, freaking out about the future, however, there were a lot of great things as well. Getting into university, Girls Against and meeting my favourite people are up there in the high points. 

Since I consider myself quite the advice giver I’m gonna give some to you, whether it’s useful or not is another matter. First things first, the serious crap: worry slightly less, seriously its not worth it. That you will be sad sometimes and that’s okay because it’s a part of life. Also, you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try, believe me, been there done that. Finally, honesty really is the best policy, if everyone was more upfront shit would get done a lot faster. 

Less serious, yet equally important ones are, to drink more water – seriously you will need to pee like ten times more but your skin will be ten times cuter. Use flashcards when studying, and do your research. Use an angled brush when doing your brows, practice makes perfect and brows are sisters not twins. Also your teachers give you extra sheets and reading for a reason, just saying. Oh also, you’ve gotta let the wax melt all the way round the first time you use a candle. 

 Thanks for 2015, it was lit fam and more than i ever imagined. Here’s to 2016.”