Twitter Polls Results: Sexual Harassment/Assault at Gigs

Of the 743 who answered, 49% said they’d experienced sexual harassment/assault at a gig.


43% of 678 said they do not feel safe at gigs.


74% of 702 said they would not feel able to approach security if they were experiencing sexual harassment at a gig.


82% of 688 said they would not know what to do if they were being sexually harassed at a gig.


and finally, 68% of 658 said they felt like they had to limit their clothing choices to avoid harassment.



These polls were conducted at the beginning of this month, when we had considerably less followers. We will revisit these questions and more in the coming months. Please note: we do not condone victim blaming – among ourselves we have experienced varying forms of sexual harassment and assault, and find it deeply troubling/offensive when the blame is shifted on us. We merely asked the question regarding clothing because these sorts of attitudes are fed to us by a patriarchal society, and we are curious whether they actually affect our choices as women. Again, we recognise that all genders are assaulted and are the perpetrators of assault, however rape culture affects us all on varying levels – hence the differing relevance of each question to each gender.